Bought a used Model D with PM5, ready to start!

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Bought a used Model D with PM5, ready to start!

Postby justdrivinGA » January 22nd, 2018, 3:22 pm

So I have been regularly checking Craigslist and local Facebook marketplace. Seems like whenever a Concept2 rower pops up, its gone quick!

So one came up yesterday on FB, 10 miles away, black, PM5, bought it last year and have barely used it.

I went to see it and try it out yesterday, looks brand new, was bought from Rogue with that I know how, I will check the meters on it.

Anyway, I was happy to pay $800 for it, including mat, brought it home in my truck and it looks and feels great.

Glad I jumped on this I said, they seem to move fast!

Already read lots of good info on here. Thanks
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