Bluetooth; Real time data froozen

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Bluetooth; Real time data froozen

Postby thojo569 » October 25th, 2017, 5:36 pm

I am working on an application that will communicate with a PM5 using BLE. In my case I am developing the application in Python using pygatt but I am also facing the same problem using any BLE monitoring tool on my IPhone. I.e. it is not a programming error.

In my application I am able to read the firmware version, manufacturer name etc. I.e. 0x0012 - 0x0015. However, when trying to access the real time data on 0x0031 I get a reading that is the same throughout the whole workout. I.e. the value never changes.

Am I missing something here? Do I need to activate the real time data in some way other than request a read from e.g. 0x0031?
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