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Postby [old] Citroen » March 12th, 2006, 9:14 am

The two model Ds that we have in Basingstoke are quite close together (less than 120cm apart, I've not measured it). When two of us were rowing, both using Polar "coded" chest straps we got some very strange results. Both PM3 where showing HR up above 200. <br /><br />Our watches were showing more sane values that were unique to each of us. Paul's watch showed his HR, my watch showed mine (as you'd expect).<br /><br />There seems to be a problem that the PM3 with HR interface can't discriminate between signals from the two straps. Polar have clearly nailed this problem with the "coded" chest strap. <br /><br />Can you look at making the PM3 sensitive to the chest strap coding?<br /><br />The other problem I have with the HR interface is that it loses the signal. My watch will be registering a normal value but the HR display goes blank, the little heart winks then the display reappears. (This isn't a problem with not having the contacts wet enough - I could go in for Olympic sweating if they make it a sport for 2008.) The problem seems to be that the PM3 drops the display too soon, it needs to allow more time (more beats missed) before blanking the display.<br /><br />Can you have a look at improving that too?
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