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VTC late notice

Postby Daveh128 » January 11th, 2018, 9:36 pm

Anyone willing to let me join their team? Full disclosure: 30 year old male, 185 lbs, first time rowing was 5 days ago. I did some baseline tests: 500m 1:39, 2000m 7:54, 5000m 21:34. These were with 80-90% effort and most likely, terrible technique. Can probably average 5000m/day.
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Re: VTC late notice

Postby jackarabit » January 13th, 2018, 12:37 am

Forum Flyers is happy to have you contribute, Dave, for the Virtual or all year round. I direct your attention to posts by members Slothful 1 and LindsayH in the thread just above yours describing our diverse membership and the C2 and other online challenges in which we participate. Whatever team you choose, please sign up soon as VTC registration ends on Jan. 16. Pace is of no importance in the meter accumulation challenges except as it aids your personal training goals but we also participate in the online CrossTeam Challenge every month (sprinty pace in interval format) and the Indoor Rowers' League 8 months a yr. (common renking distances short and long).
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