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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby brick1101 » November 26th, 2017, 5:35 pm

Getting back into a routine with the Holiday Challenge after being away from the boards for too long. Are the TimbukTOO's active anymore? Half the fun of the Holiday challenge was being in touch with the other members. We are four days into the challenge and not one posting... Been erging with this team for too many years to just jump ship but I don't want to do the challenge entirely on my own...
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby jowings » November 26th, 2017, 11:16 pm

It has definitely been quiet. I miss the regular updates, but I guess it can’t be helped. I’m shooting for 200k this go around. I’ve gotten a good start. We will see if I can keep it up.
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby army padre » November 27th, 2017, 11:36 am

Greetings from San Antonio, TX--specifically Fort Sam Houston! Please allow me stand in the gap and provide a quick Holiday Challenge Update:
George M. 37,027
Karen O' 36,000
David R. 37,000
Kevin M. 21,170
Mark S. 25, 649
An Old Army Chaplain, 16, 430
Bel C. 27, 688
Josh O. 35, 730
Ken C. 12,094
Bill M. 29,234
Stephen M. 10,000
John S. 24, 284
Randy F. 40,000
Dan S. 10,000
Heather R. 15, 500
Riyad E. 10,000
Jamie B. 24,000
Matthew R. 4,382
Ray W. 1,239
Gabi H. 1,000
Kristin C. 12,050
Barbara B. 500
Warren F. 11,500
Adam M. 10,000
Bob G. 10,000
Glenn Y. 24,494
Bobbie Z. 18,500
Jim C. 10,000

These are the numbers I have as of 27 November at 9:34AM. The Holiday Challenge runs from 24 November to 24 December, and there are several charities to choose from--including an emerging one this year in response to the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico. The first "Milestone" to shoot for is 100K meters. Concept 2 will contribute .02 cents for every meter. The second milestone is 200K, at which point Concept 2 will contribute .04 cents for every meter. It's wonderful to see so many rowers in the boat for this challenge! Here's the deal with the Oldest Chaplain in the U.S. Army: I will leave in a few days for about a week to an undisclosed location (filled with sand fleas, land crabs and mosquitoes large enough to carry away your first-born child)! Please remain calm: I will post an update when I return and also get back on the erg to shoot for 100K!
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby johnb » December 2nd, 2017, 10:51 pm

Hi team,

Sorry I have gone really quiet and haven’t been rowing much. I just needed to change up my activities and I have been focusing on other activities to work on my fitness lately. I may try to jump back in and row some meters for the holiday challenge. All my best and I hope everyone who celebrates it had a good thanksgiving.
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby army padre » December 7th, 2017, 4:52 pm

Greetings from cold and rainy San Antonio, TX! What is the Texas definition of "cold?" 40 degrees Fahrenheit qualifies in this part of the world. I have safely returned from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and just found out that I will move to Scott Air Force Base in Illinois (very near St. Louis) in the summer of 2018. That may change my definition of "cold" substantially! As promised I will provide the latest Holiday Challenge numbers.

Congratulations to those mighty rowers who have already surpassed 100K meters:
Bill M. 103,685
Randy F. 120,000
Jaimie B. 124, 333
Jim C. 118,000
George M. 112, 215
Karen O' 106,000

Here is how the rest of us are doing:
Neil Q. 40,000
David R. 54,500
Kevin M. 75,447
Mark S. 66,347
The Oldest Chaplain in the Army, 36,430
Bel C. 69,761
Ken C. 68,724
Josh O. 61,366
Stephen M. 33,555
John S. 67,506
Robert E. 40,000
Jack F. 15,937
Dan S. 51,500
Heather R. 21,500
Kristin C. 49,867
Riyad E. 15,000
Matthew R. 23,809
Marcel D. 21,097
Ray W. 12,101
Gabi H. 1,000
Barbara B. 6,377
Warren F. 51,500
Glen Y. 92,114
Adam M. 15,000
Bob G. 40,000
Jeff H. 12,718
Bobbie Z. 84,000.

We have until 24 December to reach 100K or 200K to initiate Concept 2 donations to your chosen charity. I will be on the road again next week, but I feel confident that I can find a Concept 2 and close in on 100K. Happy rowing to all during this holiday season!
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby CONLEJM » December 8th, 2017, 6:55 pm

Thanks for the update Padre! I am happy to say that because my knee(s) have much improved since the summer, I have consistently been rowing 50k meters or more every week, and as of today am on pace to hit 2MM meters by season's end. Still a stretch as logging season approaches, but I am sure gonna try.

I hope your move goes smoothly and without incident.
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