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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby Poprow » August 30th, 2017, 11:24 pm

Team TimbukTOO has passed 10MM!!

Concept2 has not yet posted the Week 4 Honor Board - here are my estimated finishers:
Karen O'Meara
Bobbie Zlotnik
John Sedwick
Mark Sinderson
Kevin McCarthy
Angela Popkin
Bel C
Everett Barr
John Brady
Bill Margalis
George Mudry
Neil Quilliam

This was a tough one.

Here are our TimbukTOO results (for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)

Sunday, 8/27:
Army Padre 13,706
Everett B 12,000
Bel C 11,227
Karen O 10,000
Bobbie Z 8,000
Winston T 7,331
Angela P 6,642
George  M 6,502
Kevin M 5,000
JD 5,000
Bob A 5,000
Josh O 4,008
Bill M 3,043
Joey W 2,031
Victoria W 2,000

Monday, 8/28:
Winston T 15,444
Bobbie Z 10,000
Angela P 8,791
Bill M 8,556
John B 7,310
Bel C 6,841
Mark S 6,641
Kevin M 6,329
Barbara B 5,486
Josh O 3,999

Tuesday, 8/29:
Stephen M 52,568
Steve I 15,379
Winston T 15,278
Karen O 8,000
Bobbie Z 7,000
Jack F 6,613
Bel C 6,155
Bill M 6,120
George  M 6,105
Josh O 6,068
John B 5,217
Barbara B 5,000
Ray W 2,856

101,490 team meters on Sunday
79,397 team meters on Monday
142,359 team meters on Tuesday
10,319,348 total team meters this season

Targets passed
Angela P passed 300k
Bel C passed 500k
George  M passed 500k
JD passed 200k
Stephen M passed 250k

Meters to next target
Rachel B 1,982 m to 5,000
John B 2,819 m to 350,000
Gabi H 2,986 m to 150,000
Winston T 5,009 m to 1,050,000
Barbara B 5,127 m to 100,000
Heather R 6,200 m to 200,000
Stephen M 7,416 m to 300,000
Kristin C 7,504 m to 100,000
Matthew R 8,436 m to 150,000
Neil Q 10,000 m to 550,000
Steve I 10,159 m to 500,000
Pam S 10,987 m to 50,000
Karen O 11,275 m to 350,000
Ken C 13,213 m to 350,000
Robert R 13,684 m to 25,000
Bill M 14,460 m to 150,000
Tom W 16,363 m to 50,000
Victoria W 16,950 m to 75,000
Kevin K 18,360 m to 100,000
Adam M 19,000 m to 50,000
Marcel D 19,305 m to 100,000
Everett B 19,559 m to 900,000
Ray W 19,582 m to 150,000
Bob A 20,000 m to 75,000
Fred J 21,242 m to 150,000
Jamie B 21,562 m to 50,000
Vince M 21,842 m to 50,000
Army Padre 21,945 m to 300,000
Josh O 22,159 m to 350,000
Joey W 22,532 m to 75,000
Bobbie Z 23,000 m to 850,000
Riyad E 31,000 m to 150,000
Kevin M 31,443 m to 400,000
Jack F 32,166 m to 250,000

Angela P 37,563 m to 350,000
Mark S 38,200 m to 500,000
John S 41,419 m to 150,000
JD 45,755 m to 250,000
Capn Izzy 47,181 m to 300,000
George  M 47,284 m to 550,000
Bel C 48,983 m to 550,000

Meters This Season
Winston T 1,044,991
Everett B 880,441
Bobbie Z 827,000
Neil Q 540,000
George  M 502,716
Bel C 501,017
Steve I 489,841
Mark S 461,800
Kevin M 368,557
John B 347,181
Karen O 338,725
Ken C 336,787
Josh O 327,841
Angela P 312,437
Stephen M 292,584
Army Padre 278,055
Capn Izzy 252,819
Jack F 217,834
JD 204,245
Heather R 193,800
Gabi H 147,014
Matthew R 141,564
Bill M 135,540
Ray W 130,418
Fred J 128,758
Riyad E 119,000
John S 108,581
Barbara B 94,873
Kristin C 92,496
Kevin K 81,640
Marcel D 80,695
Victoria W 58,050
Bob A 55,000
Joey W 52,468
Pam S 39,013
Tom W 33,637
Adam M 31,000
Jamie B 28,438
Vince M 28,158
Robert R 11,316
Rachel B 3,018

Tomorrow is the last day of August!
Let's get those last minute meters in.
-Angela P

Safe travels, Padre.
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby army padre » September 2nd, 2017, 10:50 am

I learned several things during my "journey of faith" to Paraguay: It's a beautiful country, but an awfully long way away. Four of the seven days were spent traveling (through Miami and Lima, Peru to get there and Asuncion to Santiago, Chile to Dallas to San Antonio to get back). I didn't find an erg, but I ran on the treadmill for three of the days. If I recover enough today (Saturday) I will put in some meters, but Sunday seems far more likely. I have two more short trips during the Fall Challenge, but I will post as many meters as I can.
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby johnb » September 12th, 2017, 6:12 am

Glad you had a good trip Padre. Is everybody ready for the team challenge. I will shoot for 150k for the month and hope I get there. Go team, row onward!
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby johnb » September 14th, 2017, 11:21 pm

I hope our teammates are all safe and out of harms way, with the recent catastrophic weather. My thoughts and hopes are with all those affected by Harvey or Irma, the fires out west, the monsoons and flooding in parts of Asia, and the earthquake in Mexico.

Here in virtual TimbukTOO land we are on the cusp of the Fall Team Challenge(FTC), I hope many of you are geared up to do some serious rowing for our TimbukTWO challenge team.

Angela, I hope all is well with you, if you need some backup on posting numbers please feel free to reach out to me and I'll do my best to pitch in. For now I will plan on giving an FTC update early next week. Let's have a great first weekend all. Remember, 'Well begun is half done'.
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby army padre » September 21st, 2017, 10:56 am

Greetings fellow rowers! We are six days in to the Fall Challenge and I need a vacation! I can't keep up with the young and the bold anymore, but I'm having lots of fun. I have a brief trip out of town over the weekend, and then I have to take an Army Physical Fitness Test at the end of next week, so my output will be somewhat reduced. I still hope to break 200K at the end of the journey. Stay safe, stay focused, and have a great weekend!
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby army padre » September 26th, 2017, 6:24 am

Welcome to day 11 of the Fall Team Challenge! We have some dedicated, talented rowers among us. We also have at least one ancient Army Chaplain trying to knock out 10K rows at a snail's pace every now and then. Our team seems to hover in the top 18-25 teams, so let's keep those meters coming! I will not be heading to the D.C. area in early October for the Army 10-miler because my unit has been very gainfully employed due to the very hectic hurricane response in the Caribbean. I am disappointed not to represent my unit at what I consider to be my hometown race, but this gives me the opportunity to row more than I anticipated. Let's join together and keep those meters coming!
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby army padre » October 1st, 2017, 10:59 am

Welcome to the 1st day of October! We continue to post impressive numbers, which places us in the top 20 among many teams with many more rowers than our band of brothers and sisters. Keep plugging away because every row counts to improve our position and, more importantly, your health and wellness. I anticipate that we will have 15 or more rowers surpassing 150K meters for the competition. Keep on rowing!
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby army padre » October 1st, 2017, 12:15 pm

Before the security staff at the Cibolo, TX nursing home discovers I'm AWOL and sends out a posse to bring me back, let me take the opportunity to highlight our top 15 rowers for the Fall Team Challenge:
1. Winston T., our Liberian Lancelot, has posted an astounding 232,611 meters!
2. Dan P., the pride of the Naval Academy, 156,596
3. The Oldest Chaplain in the Army, 144,344
4. Karen, O., the pride of Buffalo, 130,451
5. Super Steve I., 127,671
6. Jimmy C., the New Hampshire Nautilus, 115,000
7. Wild Bill M., 99,677
8. Curious George M., 93,166
9. Mighty Mark A., 90,000
10. Magnificent Mark S., 89,348
11. Kool and the Gang Kevin M., 82,064
12. Significant Stephen M., 76,779
13. Excellent Everett B., 80,497
14. Fast Freddy M., 75,399
15. The mighty Pop Row, 74, 000

I will do my best to highlight the remainder of our crew when I can think of some more nicknames.
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby army padre » October 2nd, 2017, 7:40 am

Please forgive my sin of mistaken identity in the previous post: Lucky number 15 is actually the Amazing Bobby Z who has just climbed to 11th place with 84,000 meters! Happy rowing to everyone as we enter the last two weeks of the challenge.
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby CONLEJM » October 2nd, 2017, 3:44 pm

Just chiming in to thank you, Padre, for keeping the chatter up. This board has quieted down significantly in the past couple of years and sometimes all that can be heard here is crickets chirping. :wink:

My left knee is still bothering me some days (and not so much others). I took about six weeks off from rowing over the Summer hoping that would help, but it did not much help. I have a routine physical scheduled early next month and I'll get it checked out then. Last time this happened (right knee) the problem resolved itself; this time it does not seem to want to. Have been doing more SkiErging as a result.

I bought the Polar H7 heart rate monitor to pair up with with the SkiErg and Rower PM3s. It's pretty cool to see how your heart behaves under various rowing conditions. I have a Fitbit Charge 2 for wearing all day; my resting heart rate is 47 or 48 most days. While I row or ski, it as much as triples.

I put on fifteen pounds last year. I am not sure what happened, but I just let go a little bit with the snacking and drinking and boom, Doctor giving me the evil eye. So I have lost fourteen of the fifteen pounds this year and I just have one pound to go. Right now my BMI is 24.99 so I am just under the wire for "healthy body weight", but another pound or two for safe keeping will be good to have.

I hope all are well and staying healthy.
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby hangtree » October 2nd, 2017, 7:34 pm

Thanks for posting Padre. I don't know how many of us are like me who come here and lurk but rarely login or post. I think there are more than just me and I am sure they appreciate reading new posts as much as I do.

Hey Conlejm, I had the same problem with my left knee and left hip. I don't know about your soreness but in my case I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I have a tendency to push off more with my left foot. I also look over to my left when rowing (TV...I know, I know). I turned off the TV looked more straight ahead and paid attention to my push off trying to be more equal with both legs. Things are much better. I had taken off about three weeks at one point and with no physical improvement. At least in my case, I may have figured out my issues.
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby army padre » October 4th, 2017, 6:44 am

Thank you for the kind words, gentlemen. I have a physical fitness test next week, which includes a 2-mile run. I have been doing so much rowing I needed to get on the road and run yesterday. I took Monday completely off because I had gone about 10 days straight without a break. I am definitely approaching that proverbial fork in the road as I inch closer to 56. I have always been a runner, but living in San Antonio and this stifling heat and humidity has "encouraged" me to row more. I should find out in the next few months where the Army will send me next summer. Our team is very quietly having a great competition.
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby army padre » October 6th, 2017, 12:37 pm

Greetings, Timbuk Twoers! Here are our top 15 FTC 2017 results for 6 October:
1. Winston, "Mr. T." from Liberia, 301, 844!!!!
2. Steve I., the pride of Utah, 199,542.
3. Some Old Broken Down Army Chaplain, 189,408.
4. Our Favorite Midshipman, Dan P., 181, 592.
5. Buffalo's Own, Karen O., 161,487.
6. Jimmy the C, 155,000.
7. Bill M., the Cleveland Cyclone, 129,953.
8. George M., the Connecticut Catapult, 114, 957.
9. Bobbie the Z, 112,500.
10. John M., the Music City Machine, 112,407.
11. Mark S., the Atlanta Atom, 109,719.
12. Kevin M., the Tucker, GA Trendsetter, 107,525.
13. Mark A., the man, the myth, the legend from Stow, OH, 105,000.
14. Everett B., the Oregon Olympian, 99,329.
15. Stephen M., our British Battle Captain, 89,597.

Great work by all of our team members! Let's push ourselves to have a productive weekend!
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby johnb » October 10th, 2017, 8:13 pm

Hey Team, I have fallen off on my rowing and need to focus on other things for a while. I will be back, hopefully by the holiday challenge and I will continue to post meters when I can. Happy ergging !
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Re: TimbukTOO Team Room

Postby army padre » October 11th, 2017, 11:52 am

Good to hear from you, John. We look forward to hearing your reports in the future. Take care and stay healthy, and know that we have your back. I will back in the saddle by Friday after I knock out the Army Physical Fitness Test (or it knocks me out!). I will compile a list of our amazing rowers and their amazing accomplishments at the end of the Fall Team Challenge.
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