Erg training for motorcycle road racers/track day riders

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Erg training for motorcycle road racers/track day riders

Postby Paddy » November 17th, 2017, 3:35 pm

I have been a masters team rower for 10 years and am starting the winter indoor grind for next season. But I have a new sport that I want to train for, Motorcycle road racing(after doing track days the last 3 years) which has physical requirements almost identical to rowing. My riding coach suggested erging and weight training and yoga for my training for racing, in fact most serious bike racers that I know have a concept 2 at home. My rowing coach is asking for our winter training goals next week and I want to train with the riding in mind not rowing because after 10 years my seat in the boat will not change no matter what my 2k is at this point. Riding is all legs and core, not arms(just like rowing) in fact you steer a bike just like a cox steers an 8, push right, go right, push left, go left!. However long-term fatigue is the problem on the bike not flat out aerobic capacity as in rowing, so maybe focus on 10k times not 2k? Also my upper body flexibility and core strength need work to get my body lower in the turns without putting any weight on the bars which upsets the bikes chassis and makes you crash, like catching a crab at 140 mph! Anyone have any ideas for training for roadracing with the concept 2?
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