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New SkiErg Owner

Postby itsmeken » February 10th, 2018, 5:00 pm

New owner of a the SkiErg. I also have the rower. I see them both as complementary in my training program. First impressions:

1. Puchasing: I purchased direct from Concept 2 unlike my rower. Was shipped within a day of ordering and the email communication was excellent.

2. Unboxing: The Skierg was well packaged to prevent damage during shipping. Initially it looked like it had arrived in excellent condition, until I got to the turbine. The metal grill was not set correctly and one portion was actually bent. Of course, this was disappointing. I left it packaged and took some photos and tried to determine it this happened in transit or was it never right. There was no indication the packaging was lacking or damaged so it must have been shipped with damage and poor assembly. Either the person installing this metal grill and or the QA inspector wasn't doing their job. These are too expensive to receive like this.

3. Fixing my new Skierg: So, rather than get involved in the return process to resolve this I decided to fix it myself. I removed the top cover of the turbine and removed the metal grill. I was able to easily straighten the bent portion of the grill. I loosened the tension bolt and positioned it on the bottom and then tried to get the cover on. I was not able to do it this method. So, I reversed the procedure, starting with the grill on the cover and then putting the cover on the bottom. Eventually I was able to it on and the grill seated. It was a frustrating process to be sure. Once the grill was seated on the bottom and top I tighten the bolts and then the tension screw.

4. Assembly: With that resolved I set out to assemble it. What should have been a very simple process turned into a challenge when I encountered a mangled thread that kept wanting to cross-tread. I had to use a thread chaser to clean it up. I ended up having three that needed a thread chaser to properly thread. Disappointing.

5. Wall Mounting: My home has studs 16" on center so wall mounting was going to be easy I thought. Mounting the top was quick. Just use a stud finder and a level and located the holes and drilled them. The included lag bolts and washers when in quickly and provide great holding strength. I turned to the bottom of the unit and realized this might be a problem. The intention is to drill into the bottom plate of the wall. However, we have wood floors which raise the unit up and with the height of the mounting holes would miss the bottom plate. My concern was realized and I had to come up with another method. Personally, Concept 2 should include a bottom mounting bracket, like they do for the top, for this situation. You could mount the plate to the unit and bolt it to the studs in the same manner as the top bracket. In the end I used concrete bolts and drilled own through the wood floor and into the concrete. Not ideal but the end result is excellent.

6. Use: I had my first workout and it was both enjoyable and punishing. Its operation is very smooth and quiet and the unit is well built just like the rower. In advance of this first workout I watch many videos on the proper technique. I have some work to do before the technique is second nature. However, I really enjoyed the differences in using the Skierg vs the Rower. I didn't get my heart rate as high on the Skierg as I do the Rower but I believe that will change as my technique improves and as certain muscle groups develop.

I am an avid cyclist, hiker, moutaineer, alpinist and rock climber. I'm 58 years old and was looking for a full body exercise machine that is also demanding from a cardiovascular standpoint. However, it has to also be low-impact. I also wanted something that would fit in my home workout room. Both the Rower and Skierg fit these requirements. The rower, while large, is easily moved and stood on end taking up very little space. The wall mounted Skierg takes up even less space. I have been rotating between cycling (indoor trainer and outdoor cycling) and the rower with excellent results. My plan is to add the Skierg into the mix and rotate between these three. My primary goal is to have more strength and endurance climbing and cycling. Just with the rower I have increase my speed and endurance in cycling and in the mountains.

I would absolutely recommend the Rower and the Skierg for anyone looking for low-impact training options.

Question: Are there any training Youtube videos (like I use for indoor cycling) that take you through and entire workout and offer workout options?

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Re: New SkiErg Owner

Postby Ombrax » February 11th, 2018, 12:39 am


Thanks for the detailed review - I too have a rower and have been thinking about getting a SkiErg.

I can't help with the workout videos, but would suggest that you contact C2 directly and see if they have anything. (It sounds like you've already scoured the YouTube and the web in general.)

Another suggestion - if you took pictures of any of the damaged parts I think it would help C2 if you sent the images to them and described what happened, if only so they realize what condition their products are reaching their customers. It sounds like you're quite happy with the SkiErg, but no one should have to go through all that hassle fix a brand new machine. (and as you suggested, having to return a unit and having them send you another is a pain)

"Enjoy" the SkiErg !!!
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Re: New SkiErg Owner

Postby itsmeken » February 11th, 2018, 1:17 am

Yes, I was planning on sending Concept 2 the photos just for the reason you mentioned. As for the videos there's a lot of technique videos and even some videos of alternative exercises you can do with the Skierg. What I have not been able to find are videos with complete workouts. What I am hoping to find are Rower and Skierg workout videos like these cycling videos: ... 6f&index=2 ... C&index=45

If you are on the fence on adding the Skierg to your Rower I say do it. Today I created a workout using both and it felt great. There's some overlap in the muscle groups like your core and legs each machine has unique intensity for these and other muscle groups. Very complimentary in my opinion. I am already considering how to create a HIIT session alternation between both of them.
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