New to the Skierg

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New to the Skierg

Postby andy76 » November 26th, 2016, 3:25 pm

Just bought my Skierg after almost 5 years with my mod d.
Only had a few sessions at the Skierg, but so far so good, looking forward to combine the mod d and the skierg!

1 I have some problems with my USB stick. Not sure if it works now or could the data be stored in an internal memory?
(Not sure IF the PM5 have an internal storage?)
2 Is it correct that the PM5 do not have rechargeable battery that is charged during sessions?
Never had any issues with my PM4 and this battery, could it be right that C2 have stoped using rechargeable batteries?
3 Double pole vs alternating.
What are the pro and cons? I am quicker on my double pole's but what about muscles used, calories burned?

Hope to get some advice and sorry my bad english
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