Rower's elbow

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Re: Rower's elbow

Postby quickstepper » April 19th, 2017, 10:17 pm

G-dub wrote:Have had it and it's always just there in the background. This year not so much. I don't know if this helped, but I have my last two fingers hanging over the end of the handle now and I think it rotates my shoulders externally to put things more in line - but that's all speculation and coming from someone that barely understands the lingo. I do think that having some exeternal rotation with the shoulders might be worth a try though. I also think that the timing of the leg drive and back swing may take some of the quick load off of the elbow coming out of the catch position.

Hi Glenn,
I tried the two finger row and it worked really well. Now I just hope I don't need to read the info on the sore hands forum :) . The grip felt wide and very different but I didn't seem to give up any length in my stroke. Seems to have eased up on the pressure on the arms too.

Quick question... Do you have the thumbs over or under when you hold the bar with only 2 fingers?

So far so good. Thanks for the tips.
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Re: Rower's elbow

Postby jackarabit » April 19th, 2017, 11:55 pm

I place both thumbs stretched along the handle at about 1-2 o'clock viewed from the left hand side. Takes some getting used to. The one thing Andy Benco and I have in common. I use a df between 109 and 116.
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Re: Rower's elbow

Postby lindsayh » April 20th, 2017, 7:25 am

quickstepper wrote: With this insight I've been focusing on keeping my shoulders back and I don't reach as far forward as I used to - right to the cage - (so I'm missing out on an extra 2-3(?) seconds / 500m Along those same lines, I'll try your suggestion of reducing the shoulder rotation by hanging two fingers off the edge of the handle. I don't use those fingers much anyway. Plus it might widen my grip and I won't get chafing on the inside of my elbows against the outside/tops of my knees. Marco

From what I understand there is little to be gained from getting close to the cage and that once you have reached the catch it is better to begin moving back anyway. It is unlikely to be costing you 2+secs/500m and may in fact be slowing you down. I like the outside fingers off the end as well.
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Re: Rower's elbow

Postby G-dub » April 20th, 2017, 12:54 pm

Like Lindsay says, not over extending from the shoulder and keeping them somewhat packed in helps to make you hinge from hips into catch instead of reaching from upper torso with a crooked back. I'm like Jack too - I don't wrap my thumbs around handle - just let them lay there. I think with packed shoulders, slightly externally rotated shoulders and light grip you take the emphasis off arms pulling out of catch and they sort of come along for the ride until the stroke is ready for them.
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Re: Rower's elbow

Postby Francesco65-italy » April 22nd, 2017, 4:29 pm

I had the benefits of magnesium for pain in the elbows:
Magnesium chloride and magnesium oil
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