Could rowing help prevent injury in an auto accident?

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Could rowing help prevent injury in an auto accident?

Postby sekitori » December 31st, 2016, 5:21 pm

About a week ago, I was driving at the legal speed limit at night on a freeway near Los Angeles. I saw no headlights behind me, yet I was suddenly rear ended by some sort of vehicle that had to be traveling at a much higher speed than mine. The trauma to the rear of my car was tremendous. Fortunately, I kept control of it and pulled over to the shoulder of the freeway to check the damage. It was extensive and there is now a possibly that it will be totaled.

Then, after the initial adrenaline rush was over, I realized something. Physically, I felt okay. Considering the trauma of such a high speed accident, whiplash and other injuries are common and even expected, yet I had none. It's now a week later and I continue to feel okay--no added aches or pains of any kind. My car protected me very well and I consider myself to be very lucky. Then I thought of another possible reason why I came out of this in such good physical shape--and luck had nothing to do with it. I've been using a C2 for over seventeen years. I think that the constant back and forth movement on the rower has produced enough flexibility in my body to at least help protect me from the possibility of severe injury in a high speed rear end accident. That may seem like a strange idea, but it sounds like a fairly logical reason why I came out of this with my health intact. Has anyone had a similar experience?

By the way, I still have no idea what hit my car. All I know is that I never saw it, it must have been quite large, its lights were off, and that it was going very, very fast. And after it hit me, it was gone. I just hope the driver came out of this as well as I did.
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