Challenge overlap or overload?

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Challenge overlap or overload?

Postby jackarabit » October 25th, 2014, 5:24 pm

The challenges begin to run together. Today involved trying to train (IP weight loss), finishing my first million meters, and kicking off the Skeleton Crew. I did the next bit on my plan which was 4X9AT and 4K of warm up and down, uploaded to the log, and then noticed I could finish off the million w/ only 4319. That plus the workout would put me over 15K for the Skeleton also so I sat back down and did the odd bit and sent for my pin. I've been doing a lot of 18-20 rate pulling for long and finished stroke and watt average but I'd had about enuf of that today so I let the rate rise and just slld up and down tapping the wheel as they say. Worked out pretty good as the splits went negative and I felt like I'd worked to get the last bit of the million. Probably my conscience acting up after a lot of dogged 2:45+ for the Fall Team Challenge. Jack


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