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Postby lindsayh » August 8th, 2016, 8:08 pm

he4she4golf wrote:...I started with 15 minutes at #5 (felt too easy but I followed instructions not too much too soon) and worked mainly on my form...yesterday I did 45 minutes ...30 at #6 and 15 minutes at #8 and kept the s/m numbers between 25 and 30 ...I have absolutely no idea about rowing except for what the initial instructions have suggested I hope this is okay? Anyone wishing to suggest how to continue or what goals to shoot for feel free to inform me I haven't a clue what's correct and what isn't...

Hi Peggy - the C2 is really good for those of us with OA of the knees and is the best thing both pre and post surgery. (I am pre by a few years I hope) It will definitely help the post op rehab and the physios have told me to go for it.
If you head for the training thread above here and search for "newbie" type training advice you will find hours of interesting reading that will be very helpful.
You will need to learn about drag factor rather then damper setting to compare machines - 5 to 8 on the damper could be anything depending on the machine you are using. A drag factor of 110-120 would be good for you which is about 4 on a clean machine.
It is very important to nail the technique and there are links to good videos and the like as poor technique carries an injury risk. The first goal for fitness is to get to the stage where you can do 30-40 minutes at a steady pace and stroke rate of <25 without pushing too hard to gain cardio fitness and burn fat (tho diet is really important there as well). You aim for a pace that will have you breathing up maybe in a bit of a sweat but where you can carry on a conversation.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby elainelduarte » March 20th, 2017, 2:39 am

HELLO everyone!!
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