Map + Calendar of Indoor Rowing Races

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Map + Calendar of Indoor Rowing Races

Postby Recess » December 24th, 2017, 3:59 pm

Hi everyone,

I spent a fair part of this week putting together a map and calendar of events for the upcoming Indoor Rowing season. And while this post is to share it with you all so you can take a look at (hopefully not tell me I wasted a day of my life!) but also a request for input if I've missed someone off there. After all looking at the map it's pretty much just the US and UK/Germany that are on there. - the map comes first, then the calendar underneath.

So if you know of anything that's scheduled that I haven't covered, or can point me towards events that are likely to be, but not yet scheduled - it would really help make this a fuller resource for people who visit.

My website is trying to be one stop shop for all information about Indoor Rowing - and I don't pretend to know anywhere near as much as I need to in order to make this claim, so anything you can help with (not just about races) would be amazing.

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