Now you can see how awesome you are in one pretty chart

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Now you can see how awesome you are in one pretty chart

Postby gregsmith01748 » January 12th, 2018, 11:26 am


If any of you are rowsandall users, there is a cool new feature you might want to try out. If you are not a rowsandall user, this might be a reason to join. My friend Sander has added a tools called "Rankings 2.0". This will take your results from any of the standard Concept2 rankings pieces and put them on a chart superimposed over the world records and rankings of the year for your age, gender and weigh class. Here's what my chart looks like:


In addition to the curve, there is also a percentage down in the lower left corner, called the "Stayer Score". One the main difference between rowers is whether they are better at sprinting or long distances. The Stayer Score tries to capture that thought. If you are above 70%, you are more of a stayer and your long distance paces drop off less than other rowers. If it is below 30%, then they drop off more quickly. Higher isn't better or worse, but it can help see if you are getting what you want out of your training.

There's an article explaining what it is and how to use it here:

There's another article explaining some of the methodology used for performance prediction in a more in depth article here:

We've had a blast experimenting with it and we hope others find it fun and useful.
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