Concept 2 Dyno Force monitor repair

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Concept 2 Dyno Force monitor repair

Post by Carl Watts » July 6th, 2019, 4:53 am


It looks like I have started to get a number of requests to repair what is essentially a "Special Version" of a PM2+, the Force monitor for the Concept 2 Dyno's from the USA.

Just some information here for anyone using Google that comes across this, you can join this Forum and > "Contact" me via a PM directly for my details and assistance in repairing one of these. The total cost is about what you would pay for a new PM5 by the time you factor in the freight both ways.

I can perform any board repair at the current time, however it should be noted that the glass LCD display, specific to the Force version is now well and truly obsolete and no longer available if you break it.

Carl Watts.
Carl Watts.
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