ErgData: store detail data for workouts

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ErgData: store detail data for workouts

Post by rlk » November 6th, 2015, 4:23 pm

ErgData (v1.11, Android, Samsung Galaxy Note 2) does not appear to store information such as stroke count, drive length, drag factor, etc. for workouts; once you exit the current workout, all of that data is gone and is replaced by data for a fictitious workout. The only data that is stored for workouts is basic split data. If I select a workout from the stored list, and slide right to scroll to the left, the auxiliary data window displays that fictitious workout data rather than the data for the actual workout.

I can't use the Concept 2 utility because I run Linux, and it's only available for Mac and Windows (and I like having the on the fly data that ErgData provides, anyway).
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