On The Water Concept2 App - Part of ErgData, possibly?

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On The Water Concept2 App - Part of ErgData, possibly?

Post by valgozi » June 28th, 2017, 9:29 am

There are now loads of phone and tablet apps that can act as GPS stroke coaches. New ones popping up all the time.

Could the on the water functions apps already offer get added to the ErgData App, so that everything is then in one app. This would promote Concept2's rowing machines and blades at the same time.
No matter where the rower is they could use the Concept2 app to record their workouts.

Makes a lot of sense to expand the app to include OTW as concept 2 is a leading brand in rowing oars as well as ergs.

Eventually the app could support pairing with OTW rowing power meters such as the NK gate or soon to be released OarZpot? Come to think about it does Concept2 have any OTW power meters planned?

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