How to start developing apps?

Please add feature and function requests for PM3 firmware, DLL/API's, and documentation here.
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How to start developing apps?

Post by marcoam95 » August 9th, 2018, 6:42 pm


I have been rowing with Concept2 ergs about to 8 years and it seems to me a powerful tool. I discovered that developers can build tools for interact with PM3/PM4/PM5 monitors and I decided to build my own sample app. When I downloaded the SDK tool for Mac OS X, I have seen that it is oriented to DLL interfaces and all the forums posts talk about PM3/PM4 USB interaction, excluding PM5 Smart Bluetooth (Wireless) functionality.

My final objective would be to build a web app to run locally in my computer but in the documentation only appear specifications to C# (I think) programming language, but I've seen that some users developed APIs for Python, my main programming language. The issue with this script is that it only uses usb libraries and excludes smart bluetooth or another wireless interaction (if allowed).

My question are:

1. There exist a Python API which connects to PM 3/4/5 monitors and allows to use it easily?
2. Are the low-level sdk libraries the only way to connect ergometers using wireless?
3. I didn't found documentation about wireless connections with PM5, where is it?


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Re: How to start developing apps?

Post by Citroen » August 10th, 2018, 11:42 am

I'd guess most stuff needs a USB-A to USB-B printer cable.

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