Record Intervals for Manual Logbook Entries

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Record Intervals for Manual Logbook Entries

Post by newton » January 15th, 2023, 8:24 pm

I'm currently looking at collating our team's erg data by accessing each team member's logbook for the day. The ErgData app + PM5's make recording all practice data a lot simpler, faster on the coaching end, and prevents people from conveniently not sharing their data. The big issue is that we don't have enough PM5's for the whole team, so some of the team are on PM3's which doesn't sync with the logbook automatically. Currently, those doing their pieces on PM3's have to have their information manually recorded "the old-fashioned way" because no one has log cards.

I know that there's a way to manually input the total meters and time of a piece through the log tab, but there's no ability to record any of the splits, time etc. of the interim intervals (as displayed in memory). This seems like a pretty straightforward feature that would allow for more use of the logbook for long-term tracking, even if there's no verification for the manual entry of splits and times (which we don't need anyways). Even better if it can be entered through the ErgData app directly!

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Re: Record Intervals for Manual Logbook Entries

Post by Sakly » January 16th, 2023, 8:15 am

Use the old ergdata app for PM3 and PM4. Connect them with printer cable and OTG adapter to an android device and you are fine.
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