Racing Starts & Bespoke Displays

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Racing Starts & Bespoke Displays

Post by Daren » March 17th, 2006, 6:20 am

This is a repost from the old forum, so there's a record of it here.

I would like to write some novel venue race applications. I have already released an early alpha of a "bleep test" for the erg. That's one test format that I think could make for some run venue competition. However, there are two primary factors that limit this sort of application.

The first is the absence from the PM3 SDK of the commands required to tell one or more PM3s to start their race at the same time. I.e. the Sit Ready, Attention, Row racing start. I'd like that exposed. I'm sure it's possible as RowPro can do it.

The second thing is that ideall I'd like the PM3 to be able to display custom information relating to this test, and other race formats I have in mind. I know that this is possible insofar as the "Fish Game" perfectly demonstrates the flexibility of the PM3's display. If possible, I'd like to be able to control at least an area of the PM3's display screen. I assume that pushing information to the PM3 is possible because the Venue Racing software pushes race information (leader, racer's position and relative position) to each PM3 as the race progresses.


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