Basic Rowing Technique

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Basic Rowing Technique

Post by Xeno Olympic Gold 1996 » August 15th, 2006, 12:25 am

Hello All,

This is primarily meant for the people who just bought their rowing machine.

Here is a rule of thumb:

The drive is 2/3 hanging the upper body off the leg drive. The final 1/3 is pulling.

At the catch (beginning of flywheel acceleration) the arms are straight, shoulders relaxed hanging down from the neck, body angle forward, lower back supported. During the first 2/3 the distance between the handle and the chest stays does not change, once the last 1/4 of the leg drive gets engaged, the upper body starts the back swing. At the end of of the upper body swing the arms T H E N REDUCE the distance between the handle and the chest. The handle is drawn to the sternum right below the chest line.

All the best and if you have time, jump in an airplane and find us at the Iron Oarsman for a workout. If you can't make it there are always the DVDs.

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