Anyone In Their 70's Rowing

No, ergs don't yet float, but some of us do, and here's where you get to discuss that other form of rowing.
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Anyone In Their 70's Rowing

Post by RikR » September 2nd, 2017, 6:44 pm

Also anyone that started late in life


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Re: Anyone In Their 70's Rowing

Post by Steve1960VA » September 3rd, 2017, 8:09 am

There are some 70 YOs here, and they do quite well I might add.

Was before my time, but I think I've read that a 90 YOish guy used to post here some. Wish I'd been involved here in those days to have heard what he had to say.

I myself started erging at about 55YO. I think it's a good workout, and can be a tremendous workout, if a person's strong and fit enough to do the work. I'm very much a novice here, compared to some, but I keep plugging away and posting here and there on this forum. It's good for the community, and the forum, I think, for a wide variety of experiences and capabilities to be discussed.

Good luck to you. :)
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Am erging for fitness. Weight loss OK if it comes.

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Re: Anyone In Their 70's Rowing

Post by joe80 » September 3rd, 2017, 10:57 am

Heading that way at 68 y.o.

We have organised a 100km 70+ large team relay at Newquay U.K. this September 24. There's 17 rowers in the squad so older rowers are not that hard to find.



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Re: Anyone In Their 70's Rowing

Post by jamesg » September 6th, 2017, 2:28 am

I'm 77 and erging when at home, 20-30 minutes a day. Started at about 13 in dinghies in the London docks, then at school in 8s and 1x, then all sorts of boats on the Cam. Nothing til 62y, after the air-braked flywheel erg was invented and refined.

The C2 erg is splendid from many points of view, can't fall in or break ribs, unlike bikes and skis. Almost as good as swimming, kayak but both need warm water. Keeps us fit and maybe stronger than otherwise, so can do almost anything else at short notice. Cured my chronic car/desk type backache as from day 1.
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Re: Anyone In Their 70's Rowing?

Post by jackarabit » September 6th, 2017, 1:41 pm

From the sub forum head and subject line of OP's previous posts, I know that RiikR's current question addresses rowing rather than erging (indoor rowing). Clear from responses that some of us begin rowing relatively late in life, often as converts from indoor rowing. The differences between our rec rooms and a tidal river are ignored at one's peril--especially by those of us whose strength, agility, and mobility have been compromised by time and by those possessing only minimal exposure to the knowledge, tradecraft and lifetime habits of watermen. No need of poster boys for the old fool rule. Get the best training you can from proficient amateurs or pro coaches.
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Re: Anyone In Their 70's Rowing

Post by strider » October 11th, 2017, 3:35 pm

My Dad rowed on the water from age 65 to 80, and loved it. He rowed Alden Single and double with various family members. Mostly, with a granddaughter who was an avid adult volleyball player. She hated to say no when he suggested they row to another pier a mile further down the beach, giving them a 2-3 hour row. Then both ate voraciously, and napped afterwards. Liked to say his arms got more muscular, and his bit of tummy became impressive for an older man.

He was stopped by health incident, but not from rowing. His amazing heart from that kept him going for eight more years.

If concerned with flipping, row a highly stable boat. There are rowing styles that put less emphasis on the low back, if that is of concern. You will not see them much, but they work fin. Those can even eliminate stern check, giving a bit faster speed for those of us with more decades than we prefer.

I am 65 in a few weeks, live on a canal, and intend to row for many more years. Promised the wife 40 more, and she intends to hold me to it.

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Re: Anyone In Their 70's Rowing

Post by lwtguy » October 13th, 2017, 8:08 am

There are guys in the Philadelphia Boathouse Row scene that are rowing (and competing) in their 80's. There is one guy who I won't name that picks up his boat with one hand and his oars in the other and rows every single day. I just saw him at my last race too. He looks pretty good for his age.
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Re: Anyone In Their 70's Rowing

Post by Edward4492 » October 14th, 2017, 7:49 pm

I don't know who that guy is, but it's gotta be the same guy I saw at King's Head. Puts the boat straight up in the air over his head like finishing a Turkish Get-up. I told him "if your trying to impress everybody....YOU ARE!"

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Re: Anyone In Their 70's Rowing

Post by Rvanvoris » December 15th, 2017, 10:56 pm

I started rowing on the water at age 42, now 64 I am working on my second consecutive million meter year, combined ERG and OTW meters.
I think rowing is one of the best ways to combat the effects of aging I can think of but I do agree with some of the other posters
Go get some good professional instruction. I went to the Craftsbury Sculling Center and it was great.
I think that as we age we can be more liable to get injured and it also takes longer to recover from injuries
But also we no longer have time to learn by trial and error. Time is more precious when there is less of it to waste.
Rowing is a great low impact way to stay fit and for me it is a terrific way to combat stress as well.
See you on the water

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Re: Anyone In Their 70's Rowing

Post by Edward4492 » December 16th, 2017, 11:12 pm

I couldn't agree more! After racking up 10 million+ erg meters in four years I took up sculling at age 60. It was (and continues to be) the most challenging thing I've ever tried from a skill set point of view. And, as stated, the best money I ever spent was on professional coaching. In less than two years I'm racing in a 1x and a 2x and really having the time of my life. I would still be flipping in the river and making a mess of things with out proper instruction. Once you're in your 60's time becomes a measured commodity. Of course, is always has just pay it no heed when you're young.

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Re: Anyone In Their 70's Rowing

Post by G-dub » January 16th, 2018, 5:02 pm

I still have some time before hitting 70, but can totally appreciate all that is being said here. I feel like I am getting younger physically instead of older due to venturing onto the water and learning the craft. It has influenced how I think about the erg, and how I think about keeping my whole body fit, mobile and flexible. Having an active racing club that rows all the boats really helps too - how great is it to be part of a team, get coaching, wear a uniform and go to races together! It has all the excitement that it ever had. I cannot imagine NOT rowing for the rest of my life at this point. There is something very special about it that I cannot put my finger on (maybe the intense level of concentration while being relaxed and intuitive? or maybe its doing something with those attributes but welded to 13 or 7 other people?) and it is way less frustrating than golf.
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Re: Anyone In Their 70's Rowing

Post by Cyclist2 » January 16th, 2018, 11:37 pm

Rowing is definitely the thing! I may even go boat shopping again now that I have more time in retirement. Although, this last year I really got into my second childhood (I turn 67 this year) - I learned how to ride a unicycle, and bought an extreme pogo stick that I am now comfortable on (no wild tricks yet, search Xpogo on YouTube). Fun and exciting (and injury prone, for sure), but not nearly as much enjoyment, physically and psychologically, as rowing.
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Re: Anyone In Their 70's Rowing

Post by Erik A » January 17th, 2018, 2:21 am

not rowing but my dad still gets out kayaking and still gets out with his chainsaw helping friends cut down trees and then cleans it all up... trouble is his friends that he is helping are like 10 years younger than him and they cant do it. still goes to work when he wants to

my dad is 85
56 yo from New Zealand
6'4 and 125kg

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Re: Anyone In Their 70's Rowing

Post by Rvanvoris » July 19th, 2019, 6:41 pm

I am 66 and I have been rowing for the last 20 years. I have logged over 1 million meters for the last four years, including the m C2 200k Holiday Challenge.
I just got back from a vacation where I was able to row 55k in 6 days. I do not belong to any rowing club and I am not a fast rower. I have given up any kind of racing but I enjoy what I call Gypsy Rowing which is exploring and rowing places where I very rarely see any other scullers except perhaps when I take a trip to the Charles. I do row a King designed single that I built myself of cedar and carbon which is visually the most attractive thing about my rowing
Also I am not a particularly elegant sculler but I row reasonably well, if slowly. I do not have the traditional "V" shaped torso of an oarsman, have more of a "U" shaped upper body. But here is the thing, I love to row and so I row.
I have no intention of stopping rowing anytime in the future no matter what age I am. If I finally expire after a beautiful 7k autumn row on a Cape Cod pond I will die a happy man.

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Re: Anyone In Their 70's Rowing

Post by Myopic Squirrel » July 20th, 2019, 10:08 am

former HS & Club sweep rower, got back into sweep in my 50's with Masters Competition. Always wanted to learn how to scull so started taking lessons in a double at age 71. Unfortunately a left, then a right torn rotator cuff put my sculling on hold. With the endorsement of someone on this thread signed up to attend Calm Waters Rowing camp this past June, only to have that scuttled by a ruptured quadricep in early April. Now working the PT with the hope I can get to CWR before the water's too cold. Some of the guys I rowed with in HS are still rowing. As much as I enjoy the erg, can't wait to learn how to scull.

Some years back there were 2 guys in their late 70's from Fairmount Rowing (Phila's Boathouse Row) who daily rowed a double (they may even have rowed in either the '32 or '36 olympics). One guy was hit by a car on Kelly Drive (where the boathouses are) and the surgeon said the only reason he was able to save the guy's leg was because of the guy's fitness. In addition to the physical benefits, let's not forget the...aah...mmm...oh yeah - the possible mitigation of mental decline.
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