Best open water rowing boat???

No, ergs don't yet float, but some of us do, and here's where you get to discuss that other form of rowing.
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Best open water rowing boat???

Post by Jlkeiser » August 15th, 2020, 6:27 pm

I live in the PNW close to the Columbia. I bought an old open water shell but wonder if a heritage 15 (little river marine) would be better. Where I’d launch from is a boat launch so I’d have to back the boat in, launch it & tie it off then park & row. Too heavy to use the trailer as a hand dolly. We get lots of wind on the river at the launch site & the river does go to the Columbia which gets choppy.
I have experience in single shells but it’s been a while & as I’ve aged I don’t want to flip. Lol.
Any advice is appreciated.

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Re: Best open water rowing boat???

Post by Cyclist2 » August 15th, 2020, 10:16 pm

There are lots of choices. That can be good and bad. As you noted, there are two aspects of rowing - the rowing and the launch/recovery. I have a Maas Aero. It rows nicely in the waters where I'm located and with the use of a small strap on dolly and skateboard wheels on my cartop rack, launching and recovering is fairly easy. I still have to lift it into the water and out of the water, however, so a boat couldn't be much heavier than the Aero. Getting wider, more stable boats may feel better rowing in wind, waves or current, but the second part gets more difficult. Tough choices.

That's not a lot of help, but just know that we older rowers that have to cartop or trailer our boats have that to figure into the "rowing". If it's possible, row as many boats as you can, and consider the logistics of each to try to narrow it down to the choice that satisfies both sides of the equation. Good luck!
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