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My name is Peter Lekisch. I have been involved in sports all of my life and took up indoor rowing three years ago after I damaged a shoulder in a bicycle accident. Although my shoulder is much stronger now, I continue to row because I find indoor rowing an efficient way to get some exercise.

Since retiring, I live in Alaska seven months of the year and Texas the other five months. I have an indoor rowing machine in both locations. Before retiring, I was a real estate attorney for 30 years in Anchorage, Alaska.

In addition to holding the indoor rowing world record for 65-69 age group, I presently hold the world record for the 60 plus age group in the RaceAcrossAmerica(RAAM), which I set in 2001.

I enjoy fishing, photography, and biking. I am the director of a bike race in Alaska called the Fireweed. You can learn more about the bike race at www.fireweed400.com. I also have a website for my photography - www.alaskadigitalvisions.com.

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