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Post by c2lisa » May 22nd, 2006, 3:44 pm

Please post your introduction here. This is a good way to get to know each other. I have been at Concept2 for almost 10 years and involved with indoor racing for the past 4 race seasons. I row on-water for recreational purposes only. I have rowed over 8 million meters on the erg, most of which has been in the last 4 years. It is always great to meet others that have joined in this sport. I look forward to getting to know everyone on the squad by using this forum. If you have a specific question for us and you don't want to post it here, please send e-mail to or call us. Good luck and have fun.


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Post by Yankeerunner » May 22nd, 2006, 4:38 pm

Hi, I'm Rick Bayko, age 58, lightweight.

I've been on the erg since September 1999, and have logged a bit over 18 million meters. My prior athletic background was as a long distance runner, with some 60,000-70,000 miles (no computers to keep track of things back then) in the legs from 1964 to 1997.

Competitively I've done the past 7 CRASH-B's (best 6:55.7 in 2003, and a hammer in 2005), the past 4 BIRC's (a silver & 2 bronzes), and several smaller events. I get butterflies in my stomach and feel like a bundle of nerves every single time, but I must like the feeling because I ran more than 1,000 races in my 33 years of running.

I thoroughly enjoyed the USIRT trip to BIRC in 2002 as a self-paid member of the Jayvees, and I'm glad to be included in this year's USIRDS and looking forward to meeting (virtual or otherwise) the other members.



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Post by NavigationHazard » May 23rd, 2006, 11:11 am

Name: Jonathan Bone
Age: 51
Hometown: New York, NY
Bio: Hello all, I am Jonathan Bone, MHW, 6' 6" 258 lbs (200 cm 117.3 kg), turning 51 this fall. Married to a rower, two cats no children, owner of a scrupulously maintained C2 Model C retrofitted with a PM3 and Heart Monitor adapter + ErgMonitor, and a carbon-fiber Maas 24 recreational single (nifty new Dreissagacker oars)


Boston 2006. YankeeRunner is in the yellow behind me....

Erging background: I started erging around 1999, got a bit erratic at it after the disruptions of 9/11, and resumed serious training in the summer of 2004. My 2k PB (soft) is 6:19.7, set last year as my US IRT time trial for Copenhagen. I am the defending EIRC and WIRC champion in my categories. In March of this year I also set category WRs for 500m and 1k. I'd like to believe there are more to come.... :roll: :wink:

Rowing background: I started sculling in May 2004 and bought the boat that August. Two years and numerous dunkings later I still rush the slide, flip catch and dig my port oar too much. :oops:

Since the start of the current season I've been averaging about 13k meters/day, so far exclusively on the erg. This will go up as soon as I put a new fin back on my single and get back on what passes for water in our very urban river. Much of it to date has been rather heroic interval workouts, aimed more at optimizing my stroke for water rowing than at fitness.

If anyone cares, I've been posting mindnumbing details of this training in my Diary (NavigationHazard) on the C2 UK Forum. See NavigationHazard's Diary for analysis, running commentary, and a guided tour of my eclectic musical tastes.

A now-tenured university professor, I currently live in Manhattan, row single sculls on -- and sometimes in -- New Jersey's Passaic River for the Passaic River Rowing Association/PRRA, and am a member of Britain's mighty Team Oarsome IRC. I'm also looking forward to this year's Development Squad, some of whose members I already know from the Forum and from last year's IRT, and to having a chance to test again for the USIRT this fall.
64 MH 6' 6"

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Post by c2brickett » May 24th, 2006, 1:22 pm

Name: Brickett Bailey
Age: 38

Hello all and welcome to the USIRDS! I have been working with Lisa Washburn on the Indoor Races, USIRDS & USIRT for the past 4 years.

I live in northern Vermont with my family (my wife, 2 kids, 1 rabbit & 3 goats). Most of my excercise time is spent doing outdoor activities with my family.

I look forward to working with you this season. If you have any questions, send an e-mail to

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My Introduction emily eiffert

Post by emilye » May 24th, 2006, 7:21 pm

Name: Emily EIffert
Age: 16

I am a 16 year old Junior. I row for Pittsford Crew in Rochester, NY. My coach is Claire Coffey. I started rowing last February 2005, I loved it right away.
I came in 10th at the Crash B's this year. My PR 2K is 7:15:3. I was on the Junior National Development B Camp this summer. My boat finished 2nd in the Jr. Nationals 8x (Jr. A) , and 1st in the 4x (Jr.B).

I also like to swim and sail. I am learning to drive (yeah!)
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Re: Introductions

Post by hbaker » May 26th, 2006, 1:42 pm

Hi, I'm Henry Baker, of Encino (part of Los Angeles), California. I'm 58 (almost 59), and have been rowing since 1965, although with a hiatus from about 1976 to about 1996 which added 30 lbs. I'm (supposed to be) a lightweight, but one who's always had trouble making weight! I've been doing a lot of running & cycling in addition to rowing, but rowing burns more calories/minute for me than any other sport. I managed to break 6:50 at Long Beach this year, & hope to break 6:45 in the next year. Many thanks to Concept2 and the Dev Squad coaches for their tireless efforts. I look forward to working with all of you to win some races!

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Post by bruegm » May 30th, 2006, 12:33 pm

I'm Noah Bruegmann and I currently row for the Oakland Strokes (a junior club team). Next year I'm planning on rowing for the Harvard lightweights.
I'm mostly a water rower (we like to call it "real rowing"), but use the erg when I must for training and bringing home more medals. I've been rowing since 2001, but didn't do any ergattas until this past season when I tied for 2nd in Jr Men's Lwt at CRASH-B.

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Post by cbrownii » May 30th, 2006, 2:25 pm

Hi - I'm Charlie Brown. Yes, that is my real name. 42, 6-4, heavyweight.

I started rowing in college. Work and life kept me away from rowing for a number of years, but a relocation to DC two years ago brought me back to my roots.

I am a member of the men's sweep team at Potomac Boat Club. Part of our off season training is focused on the erg, making winters that much more depressing. I have participated in the local erg sprints for the past three years, and while I hate the machine, I enjoy the competition. My last 2k score was 6:21.2 on 2/4/06.

I am looking forward to participating in this training to augment water work for both summer and fall regattas. Charlie

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Post by mike.zecca » June 5th, 2006, 8:37 pm

I'm 20 yrs old and a lightweight at Navy. I'm from Bridgewater, NJ, and I ran all thru high school. I'm decent on the erg. Am I the only collegiate rower here?

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Post by gf_king » June 7th, 2006, 3:48 pm

Hi eyeryone!
My name is Greg King and hail from a small town near the Rio Grande in New Mexico. A transplant from Connecticut, I've been here since 1996 via the Air Force of which I'm now retired after 22 years of service. Currently I work at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque as a test scientist studying explosive effects. A very cool job!

I rediscovered the Concept II back in October of 2004 after surgery on my right achilles earlier that year. Running just wasn't working for me anymore so I needed something challenging to fill the gap. I rowed for the Univ. of Rhode Island back in '78-79 timeframe but was an unknown because I rowed a Lwt Four instead of the Lwt Varsity Eight. I loved rowing but after joining the Air Force my time was occupied with other things. My dream of rowing in Boston at the Crash-Bs was finally realized this past February with a respectable 6:41.9! This was only my second race on the erg but what an experience! Many thanks to Dennis and Karen at the Mile High Sprints in Denver (1st race) for help with my stroke (pulling too much with my arms) and encouragement to improve.

Since Albuquerque is over 5000' (the erg is at 5400') this places interesting training challenges that must be overcome. My best times are when I get closer to sea level. Dennis has mentioned this in previous posts so I hope this is taken in account when evaluations are looked at when it comes to selection time. I hope the USIRDS will be a good experience to not only to my rowing improvement but also a chance the help others in their quest for GOLD! I'm looking forward to getting to know the other team members and coaches.

Greg King
The Reluctant Ergonaut

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Post by Joanvb » June 11th, 2006, 10:05 pm

Hello all,
I’m Joan Van Blom, 53, lightweight, from Long Beach, California.
I row with the Long Beach Rowing Association, and enjoy being a member of the UK’s Team Oarsome Indoor Rowing Club.
I began rowing in 1970 and competing on the erg in 2003.
I’m happy to be invited to be part of the USIRDS, and I'm looking forward to hearing more from others and guidance from Linda and Larry.
Joan Van Blom
58 Ltwt.
Long Beach Rowing Association

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Post by omk001 » June 15th, 2006, 1:07 pm

Hello Everyone!
My name is Olivia Knodt and i just recently joined the development squad. I am 18 years old, 5'6", and 135 pounds. I've been rowing for the past three years at the Detroit Boat Club and have been recruited to row at Bucknell University where i will be entering this fall. I have been living in Michigan for about 6 years all together, having moved here from Berlin where i was Born.
At DBC, our indoor rowing season begins in November and usually last until sometime in March. Training is six times a week for about 2 hours and includes erging, running, weight lifting, and body circuits. For the first two months of the indoor season we focus on long distance pieces with frequent 4k tests on the erg. In January we begin with 2k tests and attend erg races on the weekends. This past winter i erged as a light weight and will be continuing to do so for the development squad.
Some of the major accomplishments our varsity eight boat has had was 8th place at the Head of the Charles, first place at the Head of the Schuykhill, 2nd at Midwestern Championships, and 6th place at Nationals. This spring season we garnerd 3rd at Midwests and 13th at nationals. On the erg, my personal record for a 2k is 7:35.00. I will be cross training over the summer as i am leaving for Germany and won't have too many opportunities to row. Feel free to write me if you have any questions!

Olivia :)

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past"

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Post by paco » June 15th, 2006, 1:54 pm

My name is Claudia Wagner. I am a lightweight rower in Boston. Currently, I row out of multiple boathouses on the Charles - you can find me in a single, double or quad most mornings and evenings on the river. My focus is primarily on the water - usually I erg only in the winter and once in a while during the the water season.

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Post by lindamuri » June 20th, 2006, 7:44 pm

I'm Linda Muri and I am one of your coaches along with Larry Gluckman. I've been involved with rowing on and off the water since 1982, which includes both boats and ergs. Most of my ergometer competition has been limited to the CRASH-B Sprints, but I've logged plenty of kilometers over the years for training and fitness. From 1991-2000 (except 1996), I was on the US National team - that included a lot of meters. Now, most of my rowing on the water is to keep me happy and fit, although I still try to race at the Head of the Charles and in some local time trials. In bad weather (read winter and early spring), I rely heavily on the erg for working out.
My first coaching job was in 1986 at the Middlesex School, and I've coached some nearly every year since then. I began coaching "full time" in 1998 at Cornell. My regular job now is coaching the Freshman Lightweights at Harvard, although I spend some of my summer months working at various camps in the Northeast. Right now, I'm trying to get a U23 LM 4- ready for their time standard race and, ultimately, the U23 World Championships in Belgium in July.
I'm looking forward to answering questions, addressing concerns, and generally helping you all get ready for the USIRT. Larry and I plan to collect some information and then start posting workout information very shortly.

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Post by ranger » June 21st, 2006, 3:03 pm

Hi. I'm Rich Cureton, age 55. I have been erging for about six years. I have been rowing on the water for three years, although not competitively yet. I have raced successfully on the erg as both a lightweight and a heavyweight. I hope to do both this coming year. I look forward to trying out for a position on the 2006 USIRT. Good luck to all.



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