About 5 weeks to go to Amsterdam-a couple of thoughts

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About 5 weeks to go to Amsterdam-a couple of thoughts

Post by lgluckma » November 13th, 2006, 4:22 am

5 Weeks
Maintenance and Potential Growth

Consider dividing the 5 weeks into three periods. Look at your previous 5 weeks and incorporate as much of those workouts into this next period. Be sure you gather personalized ergo information, i.e. Drag factor, foot placement, monitor height. Constantly work on improving technique and mechanics of your stroke. Consider incorporating 8-12 strength training supplemental workouts either with weight bars, machine lifting or power rowing on the ergo. Conclude the lifting by December 11 or 12.

November 9-November 23- Goals: Return to aerobic and anaerobic threshold work. 3-4 workouts of 40-50 min of varying stroke rate, intensity and duration of pieces. 2-3 workouts with speed involved. Here are some ideas to supplement you own.
10 km varying rate every 1km up and down
42 min of 3 min @ 18, 2 min @22, 1 min @ 26,
4 x 9 min (a) 24, (b) 6 min @ 24, 3 min @ 26, ( c ) 9 min @ 26, ( d) 6 min @28 and 3 min @ 30
3 x 3 km varying stroke rate and intensity
15 x 1 min /1 min paddle 7@ 3 strokes below race rate and pace, 6 @ race rate, 2 @ 2 strokes higher than
race rate
5 x 4:30/5-6 min paddle 2-3 stroke below race rate
10 x 30 strokes with 3 minutes rest at faster than race pace

November 23-December 7
Goal to develop sharpness and still keeping aerobic training an important part of the workouts.
i.e. 2 x 20 min
3 x 5 reps of 1:40/:20 @ 26, 2 min rest, 1:40/:20 @ 28, 2 min rest , 1:40/:20 @ 30
4 x 2 min/ 5 min paddle first two min, middle two min., last 2 min and then a min race encompassing first, middle and last
15 x 1min/1 min same as above
2 x 1000 m
10 x 30 strokes with 3 minutes rest at faster than race pace
Incorporate stretching or relaxation activities so you can find a calm place in your mind

December 7-December 16
To prepare for travel and new surroundings be sure to eat familiar food, keep well hydrated, try a sleeping pill a couple of times to test whether that works for you. Try sleeping on the couch one night so you accilimate to the night flight to Amsterdam and a new bed once there. Once there only eat easily prepared foods avoid “fresh” salads and sea food, go with cooked vegetable, avoid creamy sauces, bring a jar of peanut butter and jelly, powder gatorade or facsimile, a few power bars or your favorite energy bar and learn to enjoy bottle water with gas. Try to avoid traveling tired. Make sure your speed work is done before you leave. Know what you are going to wear to compete and row with it on at the venue so you can determine if it is too tight, to hot or just right.
Do your favorite workouts which you have used to be successful in the past prior to your departure. You do not need to reinvent the wheel. You guys are fast and will be fast if you stay with what is the most familiar to you. Incorporate pieces which are indicators when you are rested and sharp. Stay with aerobic workouts, they are the best for pre-travel prep. I also like 2 x 500m with lots of rest and may be 1 x 1000 faster than race pace about 11th or 12th of December. Be sure your warm up for these pieces exactly the way you want to prior to your piece in Amsterdam. Have a relaxing cool down after your last state-side workout. Congratulations on making the team. You will all be successful because you know success and have been there before. Good luck, the coaches.

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