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Post by NavigationHazard » December 30th, 2006, 2:21 pm

Ice cream. :idea:

It's a LW thing: after they race they often try to become heavyweights, as quickly and as scrumptiously as possible. Butterfat also is an infallible cure for erg cough.

I knew that Dennis Hastings and several others had eaten quart after quart of ice cream after last year's Crash-Bs, and so I let it be known that I'd found a store selling the stuff not too far from the Novotel. Mass expedition ON, after the dinner at Nereus RC.

Ice cream's at the Shell station at Evropaboulevard 24, to be exact, in case you're ever back in the neighborhood and need sustenance. They sell pints (or their metric equivalent) of Ben and Jerry's, along with Dutch versions of Dove bars. Unfortunately they didn't or don't have spoons.

I won't reveal which of our ravenous teammates swapped lessons in eating tub ice cream without the bother of utensils (fingers vs. you rip the carton down as you chomp), or which one(s) finished their Cookie Dough completely on the walk back to the hotel.... :roll: :wink:

Me, I had some sort of caramel ripple, with a real spoon, back at the hotel. Noah can back me up. Okay, there WAS also a chocolate bar on the walk back, but we heavies have to struggle to maintain bodyweight too.... :oops: :wink:
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A Great Team and a Great Trip

Post by JimC » December 30th, 2006, 5:42 pm

I'm finally back home a few days and maddly digging out from all my mail, email, phone messages, etc. (Dennis -- I'll gladly trade you for the snow -- OK, just the first blizzard.....)

Overall, the team arrangements were excellent. Lisa & Brickett provided great logistics information, etc. The coaching this year was an improvement in availability and help. (Linda -- I ordered a belated Sore-no-more gift from Santa. Thanks for letting me try one.) C2 deserves our team's thanks.

Nereus did a great job organizing the whole event and the dinner afterwards. As a student-run organization, they were amazing and most generous to make their boat house available for our team workouts.

My only modest suggestion would be to encourage the official organizers to better coordinate between the warmup area and the competition venue by officially announcing/calling the competitors to report for their races. This is especially helpful when race start times get delayed and/or later caught up. We were fortunate to have Linda, Lisa and Brickett watching out for us.

I also think it would be easier for those coming from a good distance (mostly the US IRT) if the Euro Open was held a little earlier in December given the Holidays. But better to be held later than not at all.

I do think my last year's experience made this year's trip easier personally and I think the team spirit was even better than last year's which was excellent. (And the short few days researching in Dublin on the way home were a really great personal plus for me!)

In closing, I add my wish for all to enjoy health, peace and prosperity in the 2007 New Year.

P.S., Pam...thanks for your enthusiasm and assitance with our creative writing project -- I'm sure Trevor will appreciate it! :wink:
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