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Join the Luna-Tics for 2012 VTC! Shameless advertising!

Post by Kona2 » December 29th, 2011, 12:41 pm

We're looking for more rowers to join our team! While we can be a crazy bunch, our team name is actually based on our goal to row enough meters to get to the moon. We've reached it once, and would love to go back ! It's 384,000,000 meters to the moon - and the more people we have in the virtual boat, the faster we can get there. We enjoy the team challenges, and do our best to make them fun and interesting throughout the challenge. The journey to the moon (and sometimes to your first million meters) is a long's good to have rowing buddies!

We have a very active team room on the forum pages, where we post the daily stats and celebrate personal milestones. That's one of the great things about being on a team: every person there knows just what it took for you to achieve a new distance goal, or set a PR.

Hope to see you on the roster soon - it will be worth your time!

During last year's virtual team challenge, we were able to assemble the Luna Armoonda - an armada of canoes. We earned a canoe with 100K (25K for those 16 and under), and got a paddle at 200K. Not sure if the Armoonda will sail this year (it's a ton of extra work), but it is a good example of the offbeat fun we have during our Challenges.


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