Join Team Ewe Row!!! for the JVC 2013!

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Join Team Ewe Row!!! for the JVC 2013!

Post by Sheepster » January 1st, 2013, 5:56 pm

It's JANUARY 1st. Which means it's time for the Ewe Row Team to get moving for the JVC. The sheep, though, are worried we don't have enough team members! So if you are still looking for a team (if like me you just realized it's January 1st) please JOIN us!

Everyone is welcome! We are an open team so you can just sign up without contacting anyone.

Today's inspiration is my cat Tyler:

Yes I know he's a cat, not a sheep... but he went from a cat who didn't move, to a cat who will race on the cat wheel (for a treat...)

We can't provide treats virtually, but the sheep will provide plenty of encouragement to keep on rowing!!

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Re: Join Team Ewe Row!!! for the JVC 2013!

Post by hawkswind » January 2nd, 2013, 12:22 pm

Hi Miriyam!

I'm so happy to see the Ewe Row team up and rowing again this year. I really enjoyed rowing with you last year. I'll be watching your progress and rooting for you!

I would encourage anybody looking for a team to join the Ewe Row team! They are great at encouraging one another and the sheep put up some pretty funny clips on the message boards. :D

I'll be rowing with my middle school students and staff this time around. Our team is called "r-cubed (rowing, running, reading)." We are on holiday break until Monday the 7th, so our meters will be pretty low until then. My goal this year is to do more meters in January than I did last January. I had each student make a written goal for the January challenge, but we will only have about 18 school days to row in January. I have two C2's in my classroom and they row 15-20 minutes a day and their meters count towards their PE grade. I have several students who now LOVE to row! It's awesome! I just finished another fundraiser and I've just ordered a SkiErg to add to my classroom. I hope the kids will like that, too. I'm excited about the SkiErg!

Best to you, Chuck, and any other Ewe Row team members,

Lisa :wink:

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Re: Join Team Ewe Row!!! for the JVC 2013!

Post by ChuckA » January 3rd, 2013, 7:20 am

Hi Lisa & Miryam,
Lisa, good luck with your R cubed team. That sounds very cool to be rowing with your students!

Welcome to any new rowers seeking to join Team Ewe Row! We need you on-board, and we don't have to be just sheep!

Happy New Year,
I recommend the book, "Younger Next Year" by Chris Crowley & Dr. Harry Lodge as well as "Younger Next Year for Women". Check them out.

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