Can studios create our own 'team challenges'?

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Can studios create our own 'team challenges'?

Post by FitCaliMamma » August 12th, 2016, 2:21 pm

Hi everyone! The studio I coach at recently added in new Concept2 rowers (yay!) to replace our old LifeCore ones... and while researching Concept2 online I came across the 'teams' feature and ability to log meters which is so awesome! So I see that Concept2 runs challenges throughout the year, however I was curious if I would be able to create a team for our studio that our clients can join, then run our own unique challenges separately throughout the year - ie: Sept-Dec. 2016...individual goal to reach 100K meters. Thoughts?

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Re: Can studios create our own 'team challenges'?

Post by jackarabit » August 13th, 2016, 5:58 pm

Of course you can recruit your studio team, encourage your indoor rowers to get C2 onlne logbooks to record their daily workouts, and sign up your team for C2 team challenges. If you need a "virtual" clubhouse, a thread in the Teams subforum could supply that complete with news of intramural competition, meter totals, high fives for member accomplishments. In my experience, virtual teams whose widespread members have little opportunity for daily interaction absolutely need a team thread. Teams such as yours, based at a single corporate facility, gym location, etc. typically do not.

If your members have a competitive bent, you could register your team at (no official connection with Concept 2) to compete in monthly erging challenges submitted by the participating teams.

I am not aware that Concept 2 has ever solicited teams to develop challenges to be included in its yearly schedule. C2 personnel are very responsive to queries here and may respond. If not, contact Concept 2 and ask.
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Re: Can studios create our own 'team challenges'?

Post by lindsayh » August 13th, 2016, 6:37 pm

You could certainly set your own challenges in the gym using the C2 log (or not) I guess
I am sure there is a gym in California that had a series of challenges though its website open to outside participants earlier this year.
A good model is the Fitness Matters gym (Devon UK) that is super active and at the moment is leading the way in the CTC that Jack mentioned above.
The Ergfit gym in Melbourne and Urban Rowing in Brisbane (Australia) both have race series through the year as well as pure erg classes and challenges in the gym.
(you can do a lot with a 20thC white board!)
At our gym in Sydney we simply joined all interested people to one of the virtual clubs (the Forum Flyers of course) and use the monthly CTC challenge as the intra gym one as well.
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