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Lookin for Teams / Teammates in GER / Bavaria / Freising

Posted: April 23rd, 2020, 12:04 pm
by billyblaze
Hey outthere,

i'm searching for a team to join different challenges and maybe to have some meetups to row together (in the post corona area ;))

I started rowing february 21st and rowed 670,327 meters since then.

I'm located in Germany - Bavaria (Bayern) - Munich (M√ľnchen) - Freising and created already a team - but it looks very strange with only me as a team member.

Team is "Frisinga Remigatio" but i'm willing to rename if noone of my city is rowing out there.

Team meetings are not very informative at the moment... Maybe you can change that.

Keep save and stay calm,

Billy B...