Warm ups. What exactly are they?

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Re: Warm ups. What exactly are they?

Post by hjs » February 20th, 2017, 11:51 am

aussieluke wrote: O
I'm talking about 90 seconds of hard work here. And I'm not talking serious athlete levels or even close. And I'm not talking about jumping out of bed and straight onto the erg to pull a world record.

But 90 seconds of work is not a lot. How much warmup is really necessary for that? How much warmup is too much before it becomes detrimental?

And finally, I'm not saying it IS the answer, just that I wonder how it would go.
The shorter the timespan, the higher the intensity, the more warm up is needed. In track the 100m runners proberly do the longest warm ups.

How much wu? The fitter you are, the more is needed, you are closer to your personal max potential.

Our aerobic system needs time to work fully, without doing a wu, this will diminish our performace a bit, less oxigion can obsorbed. Joints/muscle at rest have more internal frixtion, wu will lower this frixtion.

A hard 500 on the erg needs a plus 90% max power at the start, doing this without a warm up certainly increeses risk of injury.

To much warm up. Its often not to much, but after a warm up, we need enough time before the real effort. Doing a hard ish wu and starting the real effort within a few min. is to soon. Wait longer.

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Re: Warm ups. What exactly are they?

Post by Anth_F » February 20th, 2017, 12:00 pm

hjs wrote:

Our aerobic system needs time to work fully, without doing a wu, this will diminish our performace a bit, less oxigion can obsorbed. .
Nail on the head here, Henry.

There have been lots of times i get 10 mins into a long endurance session and having to catch breath a bit then aerobic system fully kicks in and i settle and breath calm again.

I don't row to WU now like i used to.
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Re: Warm ups. What exactly are they?

Post by bisqeet » February 20th, 2017, 1:01 pm

jackarabit wrote:@ bisqeet: Dean, you remember Glenn Walters doing two full dress EF warmups back to front as a workout. Called it the EFFE or sometimes the FEEF depending on the placement of the reverse rate/pace/duration sequence, no filling in the cookie? 39.5' of WUP and down! I'm mildly surprised that you haven't done something in this manner with rate ladders and consecutive HMs? :P
yes - a decent workout the EF in/out
I adapted a continuous row
about 112/113 strokes at different rates (about 10W)
sort of an EddyFletcherWarmupathon from (Hel)L4.
a sort of mixture of warmup / L4 wolverine

haven't done one this year:
did you mean that?
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Re: Warm ups. What exactly are they?

Post by jackarabit » February 20th, 2017, 3:09 pm

@ Dean: Yes, I remember the Hel(L-4) ultra ladder after reminding (I need so much reminding now that a complete, one stop mind replacement would be preferable :roll:.). I was joking about doing that with consecutive HMs or a FM altho I would never bet against you having the grunt for it! The "warmupathon." I like it! :D
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Re: Warm ups. What exactly are they?

Post by nick rockliff » February 20th, 2017, 4:22 pm

Rarely warm up always warm down during training.

Will warm up for a race, maybe 3k mixture of steady, race and faster than race pace. Not done a race since 2012 though :lol:
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