Got my Model D machine, need some advices!

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Got my Model D machine, need some advices!

Post by jerry90 » July 27th, 2017, 3:43 pm

Hello boys and girls, want to say hello to everyone :)

I'm 26 years old, soon I will have 27. I fall in love with rowing about 4 years ago when I first time saw rowing machine in gym, I had some medical issues so I started to train about year and half ago, now I manage to get some money and I decided to buy my self new machine :)

I got brand new Model D and I'm so happy with it.

Now I started to row, but I must say I'm out of the condition. I started to row 4000m each day and I manage to go down from 18:52 down to 17:33 so I'm getting some condition.

So my goals are mainly to get back into shape by rowing. Today I also row 500m for 1:46:6, basicly I would be able to pull even 1:30:00 or less than that if I have more condition but last 100m I just drop down to about 2:05 lol

I set my drag factor up to 125 (dumper 5) and I feel ok rowing with it.

So basicly I need some advices about training?

What is the best training and how much should I row per day?

Let's say I would like to have enough condition to row 500m sprint, 2000m and row long distances for example 30 min time or maybe 8000m or something like that.

Any advice is welcome :)


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Re: Got my Model D machine, need some advices!

Post by G-dub » July 27th, 2017, 10:34 pm

Welcome Jerry - nice post and congratulations on the purchase. I think most would say to sit on the machine as much as you can and row at a nice aerobic effort with good technique. Once you get fitter, throw in some intense work. When that time comes, there will be lots of good advice about that too! But for a little while, 30-40 minutes of good smooth rowing on as many days as can with nice technique will do wonders.
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Re: Got my Model D machine, need some advices!

Post by Kafka » July 28th, 2017, 2:31 am

Welcome Jerry,

I started out last year, and got this simple advice;
aussieluke wrote:

My suggestion would be to focus on simple sessions such as 20, 30 or 40 minutes at an easy pace, with low drag factor (100-115) and at a low stroke rate (18-20).

Once a week do a harder short interval session such as 1 minute on 1 minute off for 10-20 minutes, at a higher stroke rate (26+)
Which is sound advice and good to fall back on when all the Plans, Training Goals, PB's and targets get confusing.

Check out the Training forum and the C2 Technique videos.

You've got youth on your side, I'm sure you'll go far :)
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Re: Got my Model D machine, need some advices!

Post by jerry90 » July 30th, 2017, 11:34 am

Well thanks alot, need to work on technique for now and stamina :)

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Re: Got my Model D machine, need some advices!

Post by kerosene » August 1st, 2017, 5:06 am

Echoing what has been said. I also got own rower - xmas 2015. I have used it quite little in last 1.5 years but now picking up again.
I recommend doung varying workouts and reading about established training programs. Such as Pete plan (main plan and beginner plan). Even if these plans are not exactly for you the related information gives a lot of good info.

I am better at sprint distances and had tendency to avoid longer pieces as dull or unrewarding as my numbers were not as good. It is important however to suck it up and do what the experienced ones recommend. Often the recommendation is slow rate (SPM) longer distance with quite low drag factor.
If you can maintain same speed with lower drag and spm it is very likely your tecnique is better.

Once you have a bit rowing behind - maybe already now - start thinking of concrete goals. They make training so much more purposeful.

What are your physical stats? Do you have strength background? How much time you can/want to put into training?
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