Using Paul's Law to predict my 2K race pace

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Re: Using Paul's Law to predict my 2K race pace

Post by Remo » March 13th, 2018, 10:55 pm

For the record, the guy above me is Xeno Muller, 1996 Olympic Champion in the Single Scull and in his post, he is referring to that race.

I have watched a lot of videos of Olympic and World Championships. Xeno's race was one of the best and most compelling I have watched. He was last off the line but in touch with the field. At the thousand Xeno was in the 4th place, 1-1/2 length behind Rob Porter, Stroke of the 1992 Olympic Champion Canadian 8+, a length down to reigning 2 time Olympic 1x Champ Thomas Lange and a seat down on reigning World Champion Iztok Cop. At 1500m, Xeno was still in third, 2/3rds of a length down to Porter and a seat back of Lange. On passing the 1500m mark, Xeno found another gear. He rowed through both Porter and Lange (who were still rowing quite well), and won by open water.

Here is Xeno's race:

Here is Xeno's website:
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