Training strategies for rowing as a 2nd sport

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Re: Training strategies for rowing as a 2nd sport

Post by jamesg » February 11th, 2019, 2:52 am

The erg is an interesting lesson in engineering: Work is an engineering term which means Force x Distance. On the erg, Work measured = net handle travel Distance x average Force applied.

As AO notes, we have to do some other work when erging, not on the handle. This lost work is mostly inertial, done when shifting our mass back and forth. Those who are very energetic may find they need to move hearts and lungs a little faster than otherwise. One hopes that technique and fitness can let us reduce all this lost work and so make the production of useful work a little more efficient.
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Re: Training strategies for rowing as a 2nd sport

Post by JeffreyL » February 15th, 2019, 5:33 pm

Thanks for the tips on good form and diminishing the amount of "bad" energy. I haven't been able to row in nearly a week because of a pulled muscle in my back from carrying a 100 pound box in an awkward position. I hope to do some rowing this weekend and check a few of your tips.

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