OH1+, ErgZone, PM5; Ant+, BlueTooth: Connecting

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OH1+, ErgZone, PM5; Ant+, BlueTooth: Connecting

Post by SumBigGuyRowing » August 18th, 2020, 4:32 pm

Is there a correct method or sequence for connecting
my Polar OH1+, the ErgZone app (Android), and the PM5 on my rower?
I pretty much just click on Connect and then press buttons until
OH1+, ErgZone, and the PM5 seem to be all connected.

I press: Connect, Connect Heart Rate

PM5 says: Scanning for BlueTooth and Ant+
Should I choose
Polar (8 digit number) or
Ant+ (5 digit number)?
Today I chose Ant+

Then I Open ErgZone
Select workout
Scan for PM5
Row to Start

And I'm ready to go.

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Re: OH1+, ErgZone, PM5; Ant+, BlueTooth: Connecting

Post by winniewinser » August 18th, 2020, 5:08 pm

I don't use Ant+ to connect my Polar H10 any longer as I found it flakey. I use the other one. The rest is as you have stated.
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Re: OH1+, ErgZone, PM5; Ant+, BlueTooth: Connecting

Post by thaiscamilo » September 18th, 2020, 6:31 pm

Hi there,

Thais from ErgZone here.

Since ErgZone receives your HR information from the PM5, you should keep connecting your Polar to the rower and then, enable Bluetooth to connect your Android to the PM5.

We recommend users to use ANT+ for their Heart Rate Monitor because PM5 may disconnect your device when using Bluetooth.

Many users will not have problems connect HR + mobile app on PM5 via Bluetooth but it will depend on erg version, firmware and (possibly) phone/table.

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Re: OH1+, ErgZone, PM5; Ant+, BlueTooth: Connecting

Post by alien878 » September 19th, 2020, 2:04 am

I use Bluetooth on my oh1 and have never bothered to upgrade the firmware for ant+ (If it works, don’t fix it)

The trick for me was to remove the oh1 from known devices on my phone so it always connects only to the pm5.

If you are the only one who uses the rower with an hr monitor, you can select remember device on the rower when it connects. Then it all works pretty much automatically. Note that the pm5 only scans for devices for a short time after start up and turns off wireless if it doesn’t find anything. If that happens, you have to turn wireless back on on the pm5.

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Re: OH1+, ErgZone, PM5; Ant+, BlueTooth: Connecting

Post by Dino » September 19th, 2020, 2:01 pm

I use the OH1 with Zwift over Bluetooth to my laptop. Connect this first, then connect the OH1 to PM5 via Ant+ at the same time. Seems to work OK like this.
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