How to read Pete Plan Beginner?

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How to read Pete Plan Beginner?

Post by Varming » September 22nd, 2020, 5:17 am

I just started rowing (and love it!). I found the Pete Plan site and the Beginner Plan but I honestly don't know how to read it..?

Week 1 is like this:
6 x 500m / 2min rest
[2 x 10min / 2min rest]

I get that I should do 6 intervals with 500m each - with 2 min rest between each interval or after rowing?

Then it says:
[2 x 10min / 2min rest]

How do I read this - it makes absolutely no sense to me. I've browsed through the Pete Plan site but can't seem to find an explanation.

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Re: How to read Pete Plan Beginner?

Post by Citroen » September 22nd, 2020, 8:29 am

Interpreting Pete's shorthand for week one. He has five workouts (then two rest days).

Monday: Row 5000m.
Tuesday: Row 500m then rest 2mins. Row 500m rest 2mins. Row 500m rest 2mins. Row 500m rest 2mins, Row 500m rest 2 mins. Row 500m and finish.
Wednesday: Row 5K again.
Thursday: Row for 20 mins.
Friday: Row 10mins, rest 2mins, row 10mins and finish.

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Re: How to read Pete Plan Beginner?

Post by mitchel674 » September 22nd, 2020, 9:05 am

Have you scrolled down to where he explains each row? Pretty self explanatory with his descriptions.
Week 1:

5000m – The three key points you want to concentrate on during all of your erg sessions are technique, relaxation, and efficiency. Use the single distance pieces to work on the different elements of the stroke you read about in the technique section. Aim for a feeling of smooth acceleration through the drive, and to be slow and relaxed during the recovery.

6 x 500m / 2min rest – Interval sessions allow you to work at a higher intensity by splitting the workout into smaller segments. Don’t get carried away in the early intervals thinking it is easy though, you have many weeks ahead to increase the intensity. As you become more experienced at interval training over the coming weeks you will learn how to pace the different types of session.

5000m – Look back at the average pace of your last 5000m session a few days ago. Aim to row at that pace consistently through this session, and don’t give in to any temptations to go faster, especially towards the start. Remember “technique, relaxation, efficiency”.

[20min] – First week and you’re already thinking about doing extra sessions? Make sure you’re not over-doing it early on, rest is a very important part of any training plan. Whether your 5000m sessions have been taking you more or less than 20mins, aim to row this session at a slower pace, concentrating on making each stroke more efficient than the last.

[2 x 10min / 2min rest] – 5 sessions in the first week, you must be keen. Have a go at your first longer interval session. Breaking up the 20min row like this allows you a short break to regain your full concentration, and make sure to take on some water while you can. Row the first 10min at the same pace as your 20min session, and then aim to just beat the distance on the second 10min.

The first three rows of each week are the mandatory sessions. The two bracked rows are optional extra sessions.
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Re: How to read Pete Plan Beginner?

Post by gisborne » September 28th, 2020, 12:57 pm

500m/2 min rest is an interval session. You program it into your PM and it will give you a 2m rest after each 500m. It's probably best if you row gently during that rest but it doesn't display anything on the monitor so you could just get up and walk around. Personally, I row gently about half the rest period and walk around the other half as it helps my butt soreness.

The workouts in brackets are optional workouts. The baseline is 3 workouts/week but if you want to do more, the bracketed workouts are there for that purpose.
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