Optimum Fat2 Oar length

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Optimum Fat2 Oar length

Post by taylste » January 6th, 2011, 1:25 pm

I originally, purchased Fat2 sculling blades in 2009 with a range of 279-284. That was the shortest custom range available at the time and was in the range of 5-7 cm shorter than my previous Vortex smoothies.

Generally, the assumption is that the Fat2 oars are typically 5-6 cm shorter that the Vortex smoothies or similar oar.

However, my own observations and experimentation of others MAY indicate that the optimum oar length for some is more that 5-6 cm shorter than a 'regular' hatchet. It may be in the 10cm range, perhaps more.

Late last fall, I experimented with Fat2s in the 274-279 range. Unfortunately, I only had a few practises before the season was over, but early indications are that that 274-276 is probably a better load for me. I did not change the span or inboard in conjunction with shortening the oar.

Note: I am a 50 yr old male at 150lbs.

Anyone else discovering the same thing? Have others tried even shorter than 274?

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Re: Optimum Fat2 Oar length

Post by Nosmo » August 24th, 2011, 8:23 pm

Check out the boards at Rowing Illustrated. There have been a lot of discussion about the Fat2s and oar length.
You may have to do a search.

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