Rowing and inline skating

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Rowing and inline skating

Post by InlineJinn » May 25th, 2015, 10:11 pm


In years past, I've done a lot of inline skating (1000+ miles/year). We're blessed with some really good trails in our area. This year, we got a C2/PM5 for Christmas. The combination of the C2 and lousy winter and early spring weather resulted in getting out to skate only a couple times each month. But I discovered something--I felt as good on the skates as if I had been skating much more often. It seems that erging and skating use the same muscles in the legs and torso. Just yesterday, I went out for 22 miles and even though I hadn't been on skates for three weeks, I felt great! It's wonderful to discover that I can use the C2 to train for skating as well as for its own sake.

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Re: Rowing and inline skating

Post by speedy » June 11th, 2015, 11:29 am

22 miles nice. When I lived in a different city in the state I live in I skated on a regular basis at this beach that is exactly 1 mile around and I would go for lap after lap for I just loved it. I never calculated how many times but you also got to think if you stop and glide that takes away the strength aspect so if that is a focus make sure you are constantly pushing or doing something active with your legs. For me I like to go fast (when it's not too crowded) and would be non-stop pushing or/and doing crossovers.
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