WRC 2010: Luna-Tics Virtual Team's Voyage To The Moon

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WRC 2010: Luna-Tics Virtual Team's Voyage To The Moon

Post by Kona2 » March 10th, 2010, 2:14 pm

Additional crew needed for our journey to the moon! All kinds of rowers are needed in this voyage through space - we celebrate everyone's accomplishments during challenges and year round. Those new to teams and team forums will find that they are rowing more than they ever expected to row - the motivation and support provided by a team is incredible!

Our ultimate objective is to row the meters necessary to reach the closest surface of the moon (384,000,000 m) and we're about 70 percent of the way there. We're not the first team to have that goal - just the current team with it!

Luna-Tics Team is always open to new team members, whether you stay for a challenge or for longer. Check out the Luna-Tics Team room - it's also an open forum. We provide daily statistics and milestone celebrations, and a storyline here and there that involves those flying ships we see in space....Yes, we're a little looney.....but in a good way!

Hope to see you on the roster! Have a blue sky day whenever and wherever you row!

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