Ready to Erg 'Round the World?

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Ready to Erg 'Round the World?

Post by damselfly » March 6th, 2012, 7:48 pm

Hi C2 Rowers!!

Looking for a great, active way to spring into Spring? If you want to participate in the World Erg Challenge and find yourself looking for a team, we'd love to have you on Team TimBukTWO!!

We're a fun, supportive, and diverse group that is active all year as an affiliation as well (under the name TimBukTOO). Come join us in the Team Room; we'd love to have you on our little boat!!

During the Virtual Team Challenge, we rowed from Maine to San Francisco, then to the Bahamas via Miami. Who knows where we'll venture in the WEC!

Check out the directions on the Team Member Page for details on how to join a team. And welcome aboard!! :D

-- Lisa

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