How is your SkiErg mounted?

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Balkan boy
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How is your SkiErg mounted?

Post by Balkan boy » November 4th, 2015, 12:40 pm

I'm curious how is your SkiErg mounted at home or at a commercial training facility. :?:

Is the kit that comes with the machine enough to mount it to a concrete wall?
Is mounting a thick wood board to a wall, and then attaching the ski erg to the board a good option?

Also, if you use the C2 Floor Stand, do you find the whole setup stable enough for strong pulling?


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Re: How is your SkiErg mounted?

Post by btlnorway » November 5th, 2015, 4:48 am

This guy is really strong. If it's stable enough for him, it's stable enough for you I guess :-)
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Balkan boy
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Re: How is your SkiErg mounted?

Post by Balkan boy » November 5th, 2015, 6:35 am

I guess you're right.
I know it works well with the Floor Stand, even if it seems wobbly.
I'm trying to decide if that stand is really worth the expense. I think it's overpriced, especially in my parts.

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Re: How is your SkiErg mounted?

Post by c2jonw » November 5th, 2015, 8:46 am

the hardware we provide with the SkiErg is for mounting to a wall with 16" stud spacing. Alternative instructions are provided for other types of walls. ... sembly.pdf
If you have a solid wall and you are not planning on moving the SkiErg around I would suggest mounting it to the wall even if it takes some extra work. One of the great features of the SkiErg when wall mounted is how little floor area it takes up. If you don't have a solid wall or you need to be able to move the machine around then go for the floor stand- it's plenty rugged for all users. C2JonW
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Re: How is your SkiErg mounted?

Post by Misterhelmet » November 22nd, 2016, 5:54 pm

I have it on the wall and is perfect.

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Re: How is your SkiErg mounted?

Post by kfountain001 » December 2nd, 2019, 8:32 am

I want to mount this to a wall in my garage. My garage has a sloped floor, like most, in order to have water run out of the garage. As a result, the right side of the base should be directly on the floor. However, there will be a small gap between the floor and the base on the left side. Will this cause issues? Can I just shim it? Is that even necessary? Can't find any videos on how it mounts to the wall. Maybe the whole thing doesn't even need to touch the ground?


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Re: How is your SkiErg mounted?

Post by johnlvs2run » December 2nd, 2019, 9:47 pm

My garage has a 3 inch concrete lip at the bottom, so I bolted double 2x4s on both sides top and bottom, and attached the Skierg to the 2x4s. The base had a gap at the front on one side, so I knocked in a shim but don't know if it made any difference. I did the same in a different location with a higher concrete lip, except didn't use a shim there. The slope over 8 inches is not that much. Mounting instructions should have been included, but all you do is attach the Skierg to the studs with the bolts.
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