Handles Stuck Mid Stroke

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Handles Stuck Mid Stroke

Post by rakserv » July 11th, 2017, 9:01 am

Hello -

I am wondering if anyone else has seen this problem; this has happened twice on this SkiErg. The handles are stuck in a mid-stroke position, when I disassembled it, i found that that short blue cord had jumped off of the drive spool and wrapped a few times around the flywheel axle until the handles got stuck in the mid position as shown.

Once i unwrapped the blue cord from the flywheel axle, with the handles at the at rest position, the blue cord knot was only about an inch from the top pulley, so i thought that the scaffold knot may have tightened itself up taking out some slack. i thought that the resulting tension might be too low on the shock cord / blue cord allowing slack when one of the cross fitters pulled violently on the handles letting the cord jump the drive spool. so i adjusted the number of wraps around the drive spool at with the handles at rest position and had the appropriate distances for the traveling pulley and the shock cord/blue cord connections as shown in the shock cord replacement instructions.

i thought all was good but after less than the a week later the same thing happened.

any help would be appreciated.
thank you,
Handles Stuck Mid Stroke
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