Random spikes in SPM on PM5

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Random spikes in SPM on PM5

Post by DBate » October 26th, 2017, 1:38 pm


I am using a SkiErg 2 with a PM5. Once the battery reaches about 50% remaining capacity, the SPM is all over the place. While maintaining a relatively steady 40-ish SPM, I start getting spikes of up to 200 on the monitor, which is also visible in the data recorded via the ErgData App to my account.

I was in contact with Concept2 about this and they mentioned that it is a problem of the Energizer batteries the SkiErg was delivered with (not delivering enough voltage) and that I should instead use Duracells. I did then change to Duracells, but once I get into that 50% capacity range I get the same spikes again (btw., the Energizers did still deliver enough voltage according to the Ampmeter I used to check them).

Has anyone else experienced this issue? I don't mind changing batteries when needed, but think it is odd that they have to be changed that early. I have not have similar problems with the PM3 on my rower (but have not tried to interchange it with the PM5 on the SkiErg yet). Was thinking about upgrading the PM3 on the rower with a PM5 and then trying that one on the SkiErg to find out if something is wrong with the monitor currently installed on the SkiErg).

Any thoughts and insights would be highly appreciated.


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Re: Random spikes in SPM on PM5

Post by jamesg » October 27th, 2017, 4:14 am

Seen lots of that, but with a PM3 on a C erg. However it doesn't make rowing any easier.

My current theory is that the sensor signal level is low and at low frequency, and so might be subject to interference from local 50 or 60 Hz power systems, or maybe other systems that generate harmonics. If I connect a laptop with a mains power supply to the PM3, one stroke in 5 shows a spike. Some disappear when I switch off the supply, and most if I disconnect the laptop.

In the force curve, data points show scatter, which might be symptomatic.

As a theory only and as likely as any other to be off course, it's easy to test, just switch everything off. This sort of "electrosmog" used to be thought of here as the root of all evil; but recently haven't heard much of it. The crackpots nowadays have other targets.
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Re: Random spikes in SPM on PM5

Post by CaseyClarke » October 27th, 2017, 2:45 pm


Haven’t had this on my SkiErg yet, but we recently had it on the gym PM5s on the rowers. After I changed the batteries it then stopped doing it.

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