At what age did you notice recovery was impaired?

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Re: At what age did you notice recovery was impaired?

Post by Music man » July 11th, 2019, 6:22 pm

In my 30s I was able to run +10 miles per day, every day.

During my 40s I was able to run 6 days per week. It was normal for me to run 3 +10 mile run, a tempo run of 8 mile, and 2 interval run.

I hit the day in my early 50s when I was training for a half marathon that I'd run annually for 20 years. I had run a tempo run the day before, and was schedule for an easy run of 6 miles. My legs just wouldn't move. I wasn't injured. Wasn't in pain. My legs just wouldn't turn over. I had to pass on the race.

I can still run hard at 58. But...I've had to rethink training. If I workout hard, I've got to do something else the following day. The days are long gone when I can just look at a schedule and run the miles, day after day. I've had to incorporate a lot of flexibility routines. I do much more weightlifting.

I bought a Concept 2 and now I row most days. And run just enough days, so I don't forget how.

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Re: At what age did you notice recovery was impaired?

Post by bob01 » July 13th, 2019, 8:05 am

personally I noticed the decline in my mid 60s

I could train nearly every day .. Sometimes twice. Aerobic am weights pm

Obviously my performance has deteriorated over the years but the acceleration has been noticable of late.

Can be depressing!!!!!!

I cycle too and have noticed my FTP progressively drop over the last few years

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