Achilles tendons

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Achilles tendons

Post by btsd_81 » February 21st, 2019, 5:00 pm

Started rowing using the concept2 ergometer around 3 months ago. I started slow (2-5km per day ~15km per week), gradually increased to ~25km per week. I never rowed with full intensity to get the body used to the movement. Really enjoyed this. Around 3-4 weeks ago I did my first 10km workout and a few days later a 5km workout with higher intensity. After that I got pain in both of my Achilles tendons. I stopped to row for around 1.5 weeks then started again, but after the first more intense workout the pain returned even worse than before. Essentially had to stop all sports activities now for some time to get inflammation down. Now things start to get better again.

Did anyone else have the same problem, or heard of this? Should I stop erging altogether or is there something to do differently?

My suspicion is that I have a problem with my technique, I definitely lifted my heels and occasionally noticed to be in "hips-in-front-of-shoulders" position (as described in this video Maybe I pushed too hard over the balls of my feet (while the heels are still lifted) rather than fully pushing only when the heels are already down?

I am rowing with flat sports shoes, but I don't think this is causing the problem.

Any advice or experiences appreciated!


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Re: Achilles tendons

Post by jamesg » February 22nd, 2019, 5:04 am

Unusual. However most problems come from style, so check against the C2 technique video. This shows the standard rowing technique, which has let me row (not too hard) with no injury over the last 60 years. I find 1.5 W/kg @ 20 keeps me fit; even 2W/kg did me no harm years ago.

Working hard without style is uncharted waters, so can't say what rocks you might find.

Save what your doc might suggest, try the backstop drill (aka fixed seat rowing, arms and swing only, back straight). It helps to see the recovery sequence and can be hard work, so keep the rating lowish, say 30.

"hips-in-front-of-shoulders" too is unusual. What's the point?
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