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Foot fatigue / inflammation

Posted: February 12th, 2020, 4:13 am
by Esp1Holm
Don't know if this is the right forum section.
56 years of age, well fit. After some years off the rower, I decided to go for the C2CTC February 2020, ie. 12 off 1 min/1 rest. Really pushed it all the way and was quite happy with the result. However, the day after, both my feet were really hurting, around the heel and under the footpad. Three days later it still hurts - walk like a duck. I think there must be some kind of inflammation, though slightly improving. Hopefully recovers within the week.
Never read about anyone else getting such pain/fatigue. Probably used the wrong shoes - too soft (regular indoor crossfit shoes from HOAK)? Or was it just too much with 12 power reps after too long time off the rower? Never realized one could get this sort of injury on the rower...

Re: Foot fatigue / inflammation

Posted: February 13th, 2020, 10:56 pm
by Erik A
possibly tendonitis. i had a similar isssue when i kayaked in the winter with bare feet with the constant adjusting of the rudder in the winter cold (not that cold was about 5 or 6 deg C. just one of those clear crisp mornings). the day after i could barely walk and it took weeks to subside. and i think i got off lucky going by some reports. solution was to wear wetsuit booties in the winter.
maybe do some warm up exercises so that the muscles etc arent cold going into it

Re: Foot fatigue / inflammation

Posted: February 18th, 2020, 7:47 pm
by left coaster
Have you recovered yet?

Just to clarify, after being off the rower for a long time you bought one and then did a set of max effort intervals during your first session? Now you have stiffness and inflammation in your ankles and are wondering why? If this is true, the answer might be obvious -- right? i.e. improper conditioning... prior to a max effort...

We also get stiffer as we age, tendons in particular lose elasticity. Is it possible you had old 'muscle memory' for your technique dating back to a younger age, and during a time when you had greater flexibility in your ankles?

Re: Foot fatigue / inflammation

Posted: February 19th, 2020, 4:29 am
by Esp1Holm
Hi, thanks,
Actually yet not recovered. And yes, it may be tendonitis or plantar fasciit.
And yes, to an extent I am surprised because I do quite a lot of exsercise of different types, from running/XC-orienteering/XC-skiing/kayaking/biking/swimming - and honestly rowing exercises is regarded quite smooth to the body with minor risk of injury. For a period of two years (2023/14) I did a lot exrcise on the rower, even got ranked top 20 on the concept2 rankings.
But of course, there is no other reason that I did more than healthy was :-/ But still surprised of this foot damage!