New Deadlift Record 501kg

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Re: New Deadlift Record 501kg

Post by hjs » May 8th, 2020, 4:36 am

rtbrouwer wrote:
May 7th, 2020, 2:21 pm
Dangerscouse wrote:
May 7th, 2020, 12:53 pm
I can't see what the problem is. Thor did this properly witnessed and officiated with no competitive advantage. On the other hand, the sub two hour marathon was done with a lot of competitive advantage and couldn't be replicated in a race so that result, as mind blowingly great as it was, imo, can't be compared to Thor's effort. If anything, there is slightly less advantage to Thor as he wasn't surrounded by a large cheering crowd boosting his performance.

Also JDS's 2k WR was set at the Australian Olympic Time Trials, not a competition.
I get where you are comming from but I think we all know that competition is different then your own safe training environment. Many athletes have set weightlifting records in gyms but competition is harder. I don't know the exact rules in deadlift competitions but I know in weightlifting that you have to choose your weight during the competition and then you have a 1 minute slot to complete your lift. You only have three try's so if one fails then you have to be more carefull with the other lifts if you want to have a decent score up. Competitions have doping tests.

Did Thor dictate his own timeframe or did the judges call him out of the warm-up area and did he have only 3 attempts, or did he even make 3 lifts at all of just one? Was he tested for doping? He probably didn't even have to worry about getting a good score up because it wasn't a competition at all, he just had one target lift. Didn't have to worry about second place or other competitors. It was a single lift effort for 501kg, fail or make it. Maybe if he went into a real competition with that effort and he has the crowd cheering him on with some extra adrenaline he might be able to pull 520kg. But let's see it first.

Once again, very impressive lift but for me there is a difference between efforts in competition and out of competition. Not that one is better then the other. There is just a difference.
15 min rest between attempts. Only 2 tries, after the warm up weights Idea was to maybe do a another weight, but 501 really was already his max.
Doping? You are joking aren,t you?. Strongman does allow for doping, no testing is needed, 100% of the competition is doped. Which is no secrete.

He had plenty of people roaring him on, no crowd could have helped him extra. This was hyped far in advance, life broadcasted.
Plan was a competion but Corona had other ideas. But he trained for it, including the medical support, and would have been a shame to not use that form.

Big difference with powerlifting is straps, fully excepted for strongman, and ofcourse not during powerlifting. For manny people grip is the weakest link. Straps take that away.

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Re: New Deadlift Record 501kg

Post by Ponder » June 22nd, 2020, 1:15 pm

Gammmmo wrote:
May 2nd, 2020, 3:08 pm
Haffthor Bjornsson takes Eddie Hall's WR by 1kg! He was reputedly going to go for 520kg or 530kg afterwards but called it a day. 501kg came up maybe Thor deliberately left some headroom OR the 501kg was harder than he thought. Hmmmm..... ... gr%5Etweet

Another point of conjecture is the fact that he did it out of competition although all weights were weighed and they had independent judges. I think lifts should indeed be done in competition to count as a WR but in this case given the lifts Thor has done recently and the fact that he seemed in a far better way than Eddie Hall afterwards, I do think the man with the new record genuinely is the best.
That's over 1,100 pounds deadlift. That's crazy! That is soo much weight. And if the weights were weighed by independent judges, seems legit to me. That is a simply incredible human achievement.

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