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Post by NELSON » October 25th, 2010, 4:44 pm

This a question for GAVIN GRANT(IF HE IS OUT THERE ANYPLACE ON THE FORUM) , FRC/2010, & your 2,404,230 total. There is no email symbol attached to your name so I could not email you directly through the C2 site. First, that is awesome! Over 80,000 a day, how did you break that up over a 24 hour period & what pace were you rowing? This is just a need to know question.
I stand in awe!
Nelson Boyd
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25+ yrs on C2- 35million meters
2010 SEASON: 500M-1:41.9, 1000M-1:51.3, 5000m-2:04.4, 6000M-2:06.7, 30:00-2:07.6, 10000M-2:08.7
2011 SEASON: 500M-1:43.6

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Post by nautiques » November 11th, 2010, 6:56 pm

Hey Nelson thanks very much. I started the challenge with zero training as Steve asked me at the end of my cycling season which was 7000k. I took the erg on the road with me for the first two weeks and was at motel for work and put in about 40,000m a day. My goal was 200,000m for the challenge as I had no idea what I could do then Steve started to get competitive with me so I turned up the burner and rowed my first 100,000m in one day. I have cycled long distance trips and know how to take pain so started getting serious with the challenge. This past July I cycled around Lake Superiour in 7 days 1700k so that was my first goal to match that on the erg. I was rowing around 80,000m every day and some days 100,000m at around 2:16/500m. I would row 10,000m get off for 15 min and fuel up. Sometimes I would go for 20,000m and get off. I started between 6-7am and tried to have 50 or 60 in by lunch then headed to work in the afternoon and took the erg. Rowed at work and when I got home at 10pm. The last nine days I rowed between 126,000m to 106,000m per day and the last day I rowed 148,000m from 6am till midnight. I wanted 2400k as that is the distance from Sault Ste Marie Canada to Clermont Florida where I cycle every spring. Still can't believe I made it and people around here don't seem to think this is a big deal but we as rowers know different. My next purchase is the skierg to see what pain I can produce with that. Tomorrow Steve and I are rowing 48,000m non stop as It's my 48th birthday.

Thanks Gavin Grant

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